Hiring Student Workers (Information for Supervisors)

To recruit a student for a campus job, follow the steps below. If you have any questions about the hiring process, contact Rachel Veilleux in Human Resources at 860.832.1769 or rachelv@ccsu.edu.

  1. Complete and submit the Student Help Program or Federal Work Study Program Award Certification and Work Study Contract (emailed to student from Financial Aid)
  2. If need be, complete Wage Justification (if earning more than minimum wage)

Important Information:

Federal Work Study Forms and contract will be emailed by Financial Aid to the work study eligible student worker's Centralemail address or can be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid department finaid@ccsu.edu.

Student Employment

In order to be considered for student employment the student must be matriculated at one of the Connecticut State Universities and currently enrolled in Fall/Spring courses or be enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program. You may ONLY have ONE position on campus. Unless otherwise noted, assignments are for the academic year and do not carry over into summer employment.

Please note, per BOR/CSCU policy, certain Student Help, Work Study, Cooperative Education Program, and all Resident Assistant positions are subject to a pre-employment background investigation.

You may not begin working until you have received an email with your time reporting CORE-CT user ID and password. You will be required to enter and submit time before being paid for completed work.

International Students Employment

As an International student on F-1 and J-1 visas may only work on or off campus within the employment rules authorized by your visa. Please visit https://www.ccsu.edu/isss/workAuthorization/index.html for more information.

Seeking employment? Please visit the Career Success Center page https://www.ccsu.edu/csc/ for more information.

Student Employment Onboarding

Welcome to employment at Central! The information here will direct you to some orientation and training to help you in your role as a student employee at the university.

Complete the following forms:

All student employees are required to read and sign an acknowledgement statement that you have read the following:

Other compliance training may be required depending on the job duties and department.

Additional Information: