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As a member of our part-time faculty, you are eligible for a number of benefits.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Medical and Dental

Health insurance benefits are available at group rates from Anthem. Dental insurance is available from CIGNA.

A break in service of one semester or more will require that you re-enroll to continue participation in a health insurance plan.

Note: Pursuant to CGS Section 5-259, the State Comptroller’s Office has issued eligibility guidelines for state subsidized medical and dental insurance coverage for part-time faculty who meet the eligibility requirements and who teach nine (9) or more credits in the aggregate in the Connecticut State University system, the University of Connecticut, or the Community College system.

2024-2025 Health Care Planner – Specifically for Adjunct Faculty

2024-2025 - Health Insurance Rates

Health Plan Reimbursement Eligibility


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Part-time faculty are allowed a one-time irrevocable election to participate in a State of Connecticut retirement plan. Part-time faculty who are also employed by another state agency and enrolled in a retirement plan must be enrolled in the same retirement plan with Central.

Part-time faculty may waive participation in a retirement plan. Please be aware that waiver of retirement plan membership results in ineligibility for retirement membership during any subsequent employment as a part-time lecturer within the Connecticut Higher Education System.

Note: Failure to waive or enroll in a retirement plan results in an automatic default to the Hybrid plan with your first paycheck of the semester.

Tuition Waiver

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Note: You must have accrued 18 load hours to be eligible for tuition waiver.

The total benefit shall not exceed the member’s current equivalent workload credit and shall only be used during the semester of employment of the semester immediately following.

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