The Ruthe Boyea Women's Center


The Ruthe Boyea Women's Center exists to provide resources, to advocate, to inform, and to support personal development. The Center offers a variety of services for and about women. We sponsor educational and cultural programs designed to promote gender equity, knowledge of women's rights issues, leadership, and independence. We encourage understanding and cooperation among women of varied socio-economic groups, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, races and sexual orientations. We welcome all women and men who enter our doors.

Our Doors Are Open

The Center is open to all of Central's community, men and women. The Women's Center values and celebrates the multiplicity of women's lives; recognizes the intersections of gender, race, sexual orientation, economic status, and other significant aspects of individual and cultural identity; accepts responsibility for opposing injustice; and commits itself to service to the University and larger communities. Feel free to stop by to see what's going on, or just hang out with the crew. Also, please check out our newsletter, and send in your letters to be published.

Women of all backgrounds can drop in and help one another grow towards personal effectiveness and independence. We encourage understanding and coming together of women of varied cultures, races and ethnicities, as well as different sexual orientations, socio-economic groups and ages. Our Center is for and about women so that both women and men are welcome to drop in and use our resources, attend activities or just hang out.

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