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The Central Study Abroad Office is here to guide you through the process for Central’s numerous Course, Semester, and Independent Summer Study Abroad Programs! Check the website frequently for new events and updates on deadlines.

Courses Abroad

Courses Abroad are intense, short-term, credit-bearing university classes that are taught by Central faculty and are offered in Winter Session, Summer Session, and embedded in full-semester Spring courses, where the travel component occurs either over Spring Break or in early Summer. Working in close cooperation with a growing number of Central academic departments, the Center for International Education (CIE) offers a variety of Course Abroad programs annually. Many programs offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Independent Summer Abroad

Independent Study Abroad Programs are one month programs in the summer where students can take up to 6 credits. These programs offer students an independent study abroad experience but are shorter than a full semester. The cost, dates, and course offerings vary by program. These programs are direct enrolling programs, not faculty led programs. Students who participate in independent programs can be given discounted rates on the cost of tuition since Central has various partner universities.

Semesters Abroad

If you are interested in spending a full semester or an entire academic year abroad, Central students have many options. There are three types of full-semester programs: Central Partnership and Exchange Programs, Other Approved Programs (Third Party Provider Programs), and Study Abroad on Non-Sponsored Programs. When a student studies on a Central approved program, they maintain their financial aid and courses count as in-residence.


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Short term course abroad program to: Iceland

Rainbow Road, March 2023, Professor Paul Resetartis, Professor Haoyu Wang

Short term course abroad program to: France

May 2023, led by Professor Vivian Martin and Professor Darren Sweeney

Claire Viola, Psychology Major, studied abroad to University of Hertfordshire, England in Fall 2022

“My experience with the study abroad program and the Study Abroad Department at Central was wonderful and life changing. In England, I gained new perspectives, new friendships, and a new passion for travel. The Study Abroad Team really helped me make a seamless transition to life in the United Kingdom and I believe everyone should seize this opportunity during their time at Central.”

Short term course abroad program to: Scotland

June 2023, led by Professor Andrea June and Professor Carrie Andreoletti

Short term course abroad program to: Croatia, visiting Rimac factory

May 2023, led by Professor Carolyne Soper

Short term course abroad program to: Bonaire, March 2023

Led by Professor Robbin Smith

Short term course abroad program to: France, Cooking Class, March 2023

Led by Professor Karen Ritzenhoff and Professor Christopher Pudlinski

Hudson Berry, Network Information Technology Major, studied abroad at Linnaeus University, Sweden in Fall 2022

“Studying abroad at Linnaeus University in Sweden was one of the best decisions I have made while at Central. I was able to visit 12 different countries across Europe and go on many amazing trips. It was also really special to make friends with students around the world and immerse myself in new cultures. The experience was challenging but rewarding in many ways.” 

Jacob Miner, Exercise Science Major, studied abroad at Lorenzo de’ Medici, Italy, in Fall 2022

“Throughout my high school / college career, I always heard about how studying abroad was the best time of someone’s life. After returning home, I can confidently say that being abroad was the best 4 months of my life. I know that sounds cliché, but I will stand by that. Seeing the world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I’m beyond grateful that I capitalized on it. Mei and the CIE office were phenomenal in preparing me for my semester away and I am so incredibly grateful for all the work that they did.”

Jarred Gannon, Finance Major, studied abroad to Kansai Gaidai University, Japan in Fall 2022

“I loved immersing myself in a culture I loved with people who had similar interests. I got to experience an extremely different way of life compared to America and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. I think everyone should try it. The CIE is great.”

Summer Independent Program to: South Korea

Kyung Hee University Global Collaborative