Payroll contributes to the overall mission of the University by delivering timely and accurate information to all faculty, staff, and student employees in accordance with the University’s and State of Connecticut established schedules and deadlines.

Payroll is responsible for processing payments on a bi-weekly basis and assisting faculty, staff, and student employees with changes to pay, such as tax status, direct deposit, garnishments, and other payroll related questions.


Holiday Schedule

Pay Schedule

Direct Deposit

Your earnings will be electronically deposited into the bank(s) or credit union you designate (up to a maximum of two accounts) after you complete the Direct Deposit form. All payments will be in the form of a check until the direct deposit enrollment is complete.

To review current and prior pay statements detailing your earnings and deductions is available online through CORE-CT. If you close your account or change bank account numbers, change your direct deposit information with us immediately to prevent a delay in receiving your payment.

Instructions to Enroll, Modify or Cancel Direct Deposit:


Student/UA Sick Time

Submit Forms Payroll Securely

  • If you are emailing or faxing a federal or state W-4 form, please do not include your full SSN. Instead, please include the last 4 digits of your SSN as well as your 6 digit employee ID.
  • If you would like to upload any payroll forms to a secured folder for the Payroll staff, please click on the link below.

ShareFile Upload of forms containing personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Submit Forms Student Payroll Securely

If you would like to upload any Student Employee Payroll forms to a secured folder for the Student Payroll staff, please click on the link below:

Time and Attendance

You will be required to enter and submit time before being paid for completed work.


All active employees may go online to CORE-CT to view and print their W-2. Former employees who received pay and would like their W-2 and did not receive via US Mail may request a copy to sent to them by contacting any payroll staff.

If you worked for more than one state agency during the year, you will not receive a W-2 from each agency. All wages and tax information are combined on one W-2, regardless of how many state of Connecticut agencies you worked for. Whichever agency you had the most earnings will be the agency distributing the W-2.