Wellness Education

Our Mission

Our mission is to work collaboratively with students to enhance wellness capacity for students' optimal academic success, while minimizing the negative impact of drugs and alcohol.

About Us

The Office of Wellness Education, an office within the Student Wellness Services Department, is continuing its campaign to help equip the Central community with resources and information that foster healthy lifestyles. Our initiatives include Fresh Check Day, Alcohol Awareness Fair, and My Best Self fair. In addition to these annual events, Wellness Education also provides ongoing prevention and education outreach to residence halls, FYE classes and student organizations. These initiatives would not be possible without the ongoing support and commitment from our student workers.

Please stop by Willard 101 if you need resources on healthy relationships, stress management, misuse of substances, or healthy habits for yourself, friend/family members or if you need information for a class project. We have handouts and can refer you to helpful websites. We have a quiet space for arts & crafts, studying, and quiet conversation.

Click here for the 2021 Drug Free Schools Act Report