Human Resources Forms

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Frequently Used Forms

Direct Deposit

Dual Employment Request Form (CT-HR25)

Name/Address/Phone Change Form

W-4 CT State Tax & Federal Tax Forms

Work History Form

Tuition Waivers

Tuition Waiver Form for Unclassified Employees (AAUP, SUOAF, Management/Confidential)

Graduate-Level Educational Assistance Tax Reporting Requirements

Tuition Reimbursement - Classified Employees Only


For additional information on the Classified Scholarship Program, please contact Christine Derwitsch Assistant in Human Resources, (860) 832-1756.

Employment Forms

Situational Telework

Administrative Faculty Telework

Background Check and Authorization


Faculty Forms

Part-Time Faculty Hiring Forms

University Assistant Appointment Forms

Search Forms

Faculty Related Forms

Evaluation Forms

AAUP Evaluation Forms

Classified Employee Evaluations Forms

Medical Related Forms

For additional FMLA information contact Victoria Karwowski in Human Resources, at (860) 832-1759.

Retirement Forms

Tier 3 and Hybrid Credit Purchase (CO-991)

Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program

Workers’ Compensation

  • DAS Form 207 - First Report of Injury
  • DAS Form 207-1 - Incident Review Report
  • WCC Form 1A - Filing Status and Exemption
  • DAS Form PER-WC 211 - Concurrent Employment and Third-Party Liability
  • DAS Form WC-715 - Request for Use of Accrued Leave With Workers' Compensation
  • DAS Form 208 – Worker Status Report