Procedures for Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation

Important Information before requesting a reasonable employment accommodation

Each request for a reasonable employment accommodation will be given serious individualized consideration. All requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis on its own merits, in light of the particular job, other related jobs, the capabilities of the particular employee and the specific accommodation requested.

Central Human Resources is the only University entity that can grant a reasonable employment accommodation. Department Management and supervisory staff are not authorized to grant an employment accommodation. Employees are discouraged from disclosing any medical information with Department Managerial and Supervisory staff. Employee medical information is confidential, protected by law and should only be disclosed to authorized University officials such as Human Resources, the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

When Central Human Resources makes an accommodation to the needs of a particular employee, Central does not make any commitment that the accommodation is permanent, or that a similar accommodation will automatically be extended to any other employee. Central reserves its managerial right and discretion to determine and define operational needs and requirements.

Any employee with a disability requesting a reasonable accommodation may, when permitted by law, be expected to provide medical information necessary for Central Human Resources to determine that the employee is a person with a disability and to cooperatively identify barriers and the available accommodations, if any. Failure of the employee to provide the necessary medical information may result in the delay in processing any accommodation request.

An employee with a disability requesting a reasonable accommodation may designate, in writing, an Advocate. The employee must grant to Central Human Resources affirmative permission, in writing, to discuss any matter including medical information regarding the request for a reasonable accommodation, in front of or with the designated Advocate. Central Human Resources will not discuss in the presence of or with an Advocate without written affirmative permission.

Central Human Resources is the only entity that may contact an employee’s medical provider, when necessary, to obtain the requisite medical documentation to support the employee’s request for a reasonable accommodation. No medical information is to be requested from an employee’s medical provider or maintained by any supervisor or manager. All provision of HIPPA will be strictly adhered to regarding medical information, its confidentiality and its file maintenance.

Employee’s medical information and other information related to their disability and any accommodation request shall remain confidential unless the employee executes a written “release of information” or if permitted or required under legal authority.


What to Expect Chart

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To request a reasonable employment accommodation,

  1. Employee should complete in its entirety the Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form
  2. Next, employee should complete Authorization For Disclosure and Release of Medical Information Form
  3. Next, employee who wishes to designate an Advocate should complete Designation of Advocate and Authorization Form.
  4. Employee should have his or her physician or other medical provider complete either a Medical Certificate (self) or Medical Certificate (Caregiver) verifying that the employee is a person who has a physical and or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such impairment or falls within one or more of the disabling conditions protected by state constitution and statutes.

Once completed, employee should submit all forms to Central Human Resources ADA designee.

Central Human Resources

Davidson Hall Room 201

1615 Stanley Street

New Britain, Connecticut 06050

Phone (860) 832-1756

Fax (959) 255-8790

C Human Resources will contact the requesting employee to meet to begin the interactive process. Central Human Resources may need to contact the requesting employee’s physician to better understand how the employee’s disability affects his or her ability to perform the essential functions of his or her job. Central Human Resources will work cooperatively with the requesting employee to determine if a reasonable accommodation can be identified and implemented.

Central Human Resources reserves the statutory right to choose a reasonable employment accommodation as permitted by law, even if the employment accommodation is not the specific accommodation requested.