Frequently Asked Questions

  • In order to receive housing, you must be a confirmed, matriculated student.
  • Students must be registered for classes.
  • The State of Connecticut requires all students living on campus to provide proof of meningitis vaccination (or notify the University Health Service that an appointment for the vaccine has been scheduled).

Cost of living vary based on your room type and meal plan. Detailed information about housing, meal plans, and the overall cost of attendance can be found here.

For instructions on how to apply click here.

Central has an annual housing contract. If you apply to live on campus beginning in the fall semester you are bound to the occupancy agreement for both the fall and spring semesters. To see the Annual Housing Contract, click here.

Although separate housing specifically for graduate students is not available, they are welcome to choose from our range of housing options. It's important to mention that we do not provide apartments or accommodations for families, and all residents must be enrolled students to reside on campus.

Each double room has 2 XL twin beds, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, 1 dresser and either closets or wardrobes.

Additionally, each residence hall has the following items that can be loaned out during duty hours which are 8:00 pm to 12:00 am Sunday - Wednesday and 8:00 pm to 1:00 am Thursday - Saturday:

  • Video Game Systems
  • Board Games
  • Sports Equipment
  • Kitchen cookware
  • Vacuum Cleaners

Due to fire and safety regulations students must use the university furniture provided in the student rooms. One extra piece of furniture (i.e. a small couch or a chair) is allowed in some of the residence halls with larger rooms. All extra furniture must be removed during move out in May. Please refer to the Residence Life Living Guide for specific halls.

All rooms are provided with extra long twin size mattresses.

Dimensions for each residence hall room:

Residence Hall

Window Sizes

Room Sizes

Barrows Hall

42" by 72"

15' by 12'6"

Beecher Hall

43" by 53"

12'10" by 13'6"


33.5" by 62.5"

10'3” by 11'

F. Don James Hall

48" by 54"

12' by 14'

Sam May Hall

44" by 51"

11' by 11'8"

Seth North Hall

48" by 60"

13'11" by 10'11"

Sheridan Hall

44" by 60"

12' by 12'6"

Vance Hall

36" by 36"

10'6" by 14'

Gallaudet Hall

44" by 60"

12' by 12'6"

Due to fire and safety regulations these are not allowed.

Yes! Residents have the opportunity to pair with roommates/suitemates in MyHousing during the Roommate Selection Process. Please see the Roommate Selection Guide in MyHousing during the room selection process for detailed information.

The system is designed for you to be able to search for and match with other students even if you do not know them. You can search for them based on preferences that you both select on your housing application. Please note, if you do not pair with a roommate and at the end of the process you get assigned by Residence Life, the roommate you get assigned with may not align with your preferences so it is best for you to try to pair with someone.

Yes! You and your formed roommate/suitemate group can select into any open space in any building that your group can fill once your room selection time becomes active. Please see the Room Selection Guide for detailed information.

Students who may need a housing accommodation, should reach out to Accessibility Services. You will be required to provide documentation and complete the necessary paperwork for them to review your request.

Living Learning Communities, or LLCs, are specialized residential communities within designated residence halls where students are grouped together based on their intended major or shared interests. Each LLC collaborates with a faculty advisor and a Resident Assistant (RA) to organize programs and activities aligned with the theme of the community. For additional information on LLCs, click here.

Although you can't visit your exact room in person, we've got you covered with a plethora of vibrant photographs and immersive virtual tours showcasing rooms in every residence hall. Visit the Residence Halls section of our website to explore and get excited about your future living space!

Your housing contract and bill are tailored to cover the 16-week academic semesters, and the bill you receive accurately reflects this duration. If you require housing during the summer or winter break, you can submit a break stay application. If approved, you will be billed based on the duration of your stay.

  • The meal plan is required for all residence hall students.
  • All freshmen residents must choose one of the unlimited meal plans.
  • For information on Central's dining services, click here

Please be sure to obtain your Central Student ID before moving into your designated residence hall, as it functions as your access key for both the building and your assigned space.

If your ID card is lost or stolen report it immediately to the University Card Office. The card office can put a hold on your card preventing anyone from using it to get into your residence hall as well as using any Blue Chip money on your card. The Card Office can also issue you a new ID card. You will be assessed a replacement fee.

Residence Life staff are reachable 24/7. If you get locked out of your room you should try to find a Resident Assistant in your building. If you can't find a Resident Assistant please follow the directions on the signage in your building.

Basic cable, along with HBO and Showtime, is provided in all student rooms and is included in your housing fee. Televisions and cable cords are not provided, so please bring your own. The Central campus cable lineup can be found here.

Internet access is available through a residential computing network called ResNet. In order to qualify for the ResNet service, you must be an on-campus student with his/her own computer.

No. Due to its strong adhesive quality, Duct Tape is not permitted in the residence halls. We recommend using command strips, tacks, or masking tape.

Yes. All Residence Halls have sprinkler systems installed.

All policies, rules, and regulations that students are responsible for learning can be found in the Central student handbook. Click here.

You should reach out to your Resident Assistant (RA). The RA, alongside the Resident Director (RD)/Area Coordinator (AC), will guide you through the conflict resolution process and mediate if required. Our primary objective is to aid students in resolving their conflicts. If needed, our staff can also facilitate a room relocation based on campus vacancy availability.

Please review the Roommate Bill of Rights.

  • Students have the opportunity to change their room assignment for the spring semester during the spring room change process which occurs at the end of the fall semester. If a student chooses a different room for the spring they will be required to bring all of their belongings home at the end of the fall semester.
  • Students who wish to change their room assignment during a semester can meet with their Area Coordinator/Residence Hall Director to discuss a room change within their building. If they wish to move to a different building, they can schedule a room change meeting with an Associate Director in the Residence Life Office to discuss available spaces across campus.
  • Room change approvals are based on available space.

You should log into MyHousing, choose the RCR/Damages option, and then click on maintenance request to submit a Maintenance Request.

Certainly! Central provides a vibrant campus environment for students over the weekends. Collaborative efforts from the Inter-Residence Council (IRC), Department of Residence Life, Department of Student Activities & Leadership Development, Recreation Center, Athletics Department, and various student clubs ensure a plethora of engaging activities. Additionally, proximity to the New Britain and Hartford areas offers further opportunities for exploration and entertainment.

All exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day. Students have access to their respective residence halls with their Blue Chip Card. The best safety precautions students can and should take are to not allow unknown individuals to enter buildings, to not prop open doors to buildings, and to lock their rooms, suites, or quads whenever they leave them and when they go to sleep at night.

Quiet hours have been established to help create an environment that is conducive to sleeping and studying. Quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. on weekdays, and 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. At all other times, residents are expected to be considerate of their neighbors, and noise from the room should not enter the corridor.

Resident Assistants and Hall Councils consistently organize a variety of events within the residence halls, encompassing both social gatherings and educational programs. Educational initiatives tackle important topics such as alcohol and drug awareness, fire safety, health and wellness, cultural understanding, academic support, and more. Social events range from casual ice cream socials to themed dance parties. If there's a particular event you'd like to see, don't hesitate to reach out to the staff or engage with your Hall Council. Attending these events allows residents to connect with others from their building and foster new friendships, presenting an excellent opportunity for social interaction. These events are funded through the resident activity fee, ensuring that residents can enjoy them throughout the year without additional financial burden.

Every residence hall is equipped with washers and dryers, providing students with the convenience of doing their laundry on site.

Yes! All residents are permitted to have a car on campus. You will need to register your vehicle with the Card Office or Police Department to obtain a parking decal. You will be able to park your car in a residential parking location. Please see the Campus Parking Regulations webpage for more information.

Yes, residents can have guests. Guests must be 18 years of age or older and must be signed in when they come to visit. Guests are permitted to stay up to three consecutive nights in a week. Please remember you should always consult with your roommate and adhere to the visitor policy which is in the Student Handbook.

The application window opens in October and closes at the end of January, affording you ample time during winter break to complete it. The application comprises a demographics section (with standard information like name and age), a segment for listing professional references, and an option to upload your resume. Following submission, anticipate group interviews, followed by 1:1 interviews.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits universities from talking about students' records with anyone but the student. This includes financial aid records, housing records, transcripts and all other university records that have student names on them.

To send mail to a Central student please address it as follows:

Student's Name
1615 Stanley Street
New Britain, CT 06050

You can pick up your mail and packages through a Smart Locker at the Mailroom in the Student Center.