Roommate Bill of Rights

Introduction to Community Living at Central

At Central, the Office of Residence Life is dedicated to more than just providing a place to sleep; we aim to enhance your overall college experience by fostering a community where personal and professional growth is encouraged. We view our role as part of a partnership with the university community, equipping you with the tools and opportunities necessary for success. Living on campus is an experience filled with learning opportunities about yourself and others, and we hope it will be a memorable part of your college life.

Your Role in the Community

As a community member, you significantly influence the communal spirit in your residence. We encourage you to build positive relationships with your roommates, suitemates, floor members, and Residence Life staff. Sharing not only your room but also communal areas like bathrooms requires a commitment to abide by community rules and contribute to an environment conducive to both study and social interaction. When issues arise, we urge you to engage with Residence Life staff for guidance and support.

Guidelines for a Positive Residence Life Experience

Your experience in residence life largely depends on mutual respect and understanding. To foster positive relationships, each resident should:

  • Treat and be treated with respect.
  • Remain open-minded to differing ideas, cultures, and perspectives.
  • Listen actively and consider others' viewpoints seriously.
  • Take responsibility for personal actions.
  • Express personal feelings respectfully, without compromising others' dignity.
  • Comfortably say "no" without guilt.
  • Share preferences without fear of ridicule.
  • Participate in constructive and intentional discourse.

Resident Rights

While residing on campus, you have the right to:

  • Study and read without disruption.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted sleep.
  • Equitably share space.
  • Live in a safe, healthy, and clean environment.
  • Privacy and respect for personal belongings.

Resident Responsibilities

While living on campus, you are accountable for:

  • The actions of your guests.
  • Activities within your living space.
  • Any damage occurring in your area.
  • Securing your personal belongings.
  • Shaping the college experience you desire.

Conflict Resolution Guidelines

Should conflicts arise, ensure that:

  • The issue remains between you and the involved resident.
  • You discuss the situation directly and consider mutually acceptable solutions, possibly referring to your roommate agreement.
  • You seek mediation if needed by contacting a Resident Assistant.

Coordinating a Mediation

To initiate mediation, you should:

  • Contact your Resident Assistant via their preferred method or visit the front desk during active-duty hours (8 PM - 12 AM).
  • Respond promptly to your Resident Assistant regarding your availability for mediation.
  • Approach mediation with a willingness to find solutions and an open mindset.

By adhering to these principles and guidelines, you can contribute positively to your community and ensure a rewarding living experience at Central.