How to Submit a Maintenance Request

  1. Access MyHousing:
    • Go to WebCentral Banner Web and click on the MyHousing & Meals Link to enter MyHousing.
  2. Select Maintenance Request:
    • In MyHousing, choose the RCR/Damages option, and then click on Maintenance Request.
  3. Add Work Order:
    • Click on the "Add Work Order" box to initiate the maintenance request process.
  4. Complete the Request Form:
    • Fill out the required fields in the work order request form, including:
      • Title
      • Category
      • Hall
      • Room
      • Description of the Problem
        • When explaining the problem, please provide detailed information to help our maintenance team understand the issue better.
  5. Submit Your Request:
    • Once you have entered all the necessary details, click on the "Save" button to submit your maintenance request.

Important Note

  • The online maintenance request system is intended for non-critical issues only. If you encounter any critical problems, please contact the Residence Life staff in your building immediately. Examples of critical issues include:
    • Any electrical concerns
    • Water leaks
    • Room/Suite lock not functioning
    • Heat or air conditioning issues

By following these steps, you can easily submit your maintenance request and ensure that non-critical issues are addressed promptly. For urgent matters, please seek immediate assistance from the Residence Life staff.