Gender Inclusive Housing

The Department of Residence Life offers Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) to all students (including incoming first‐year students) to room with roommates of their choice regardless of their sex, gender expression or gender identity. On campus housing is available for matriculated, degree-seeking, undergraduate, and graduate students who wish to live in GIH. In keeping with Central’s views and values, our Residence Life Department is committed to building a community that values diversity, safety, and inclusion.

Understanding of options for Gender Inclusive Housing

Central does the best to create flexibility for students who seek to live with other students who may have a different sex or gender identity and/or expression. This University housing program supports transgender students, students who wish to be assigned housing based on their gender identity or expression rather than their biological sex. However, housing options vary based on building style and cost, and will be assigned their preferences and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

While Central residence life has identified specific spaces across campus to fulfill GIH housing requests, they can only be fulfilled as space permits. Additional spaces or options can be considered upon request. The diversity of GIH spaces within all housing styles vary to offer equitable price points. Once a room or suite is deemed gender inclusive it will remain so provided the residents maintain occupancy of the living space.

When applying to GIH please be aware that most housing options and most bathrooms are still gender‐based and gender‐segregated per our building designs and demographic lay outs. However, Residence Life will do it’s best to accommodate the needs of our students.

Please visit to view the features or amenities of each of the residence halls.

Students can request Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) in a two-step process. Step one is to pay the non-refundable housing deposit and complete the online housing application in MyHousing. Once a student has submitted their non-refundable housing deposit and application they can email to request more information/be enrolled into GIH.

The specific number, of gender‐inclusive rooms on campus varies based on need (i.e., more GIH rooms exist when more students apply for GIH). GIH space exists in all residence halls.

Students in GIH will have a roommate. A roommate can either be another student they request to live with, or they will be paired with another student who requested to be in GIH.

Because of the non-permanency of romantic relationships, the Department of Residence Life strongly discourages couples of any gender identity and sexual orientation from living with each other if they are partners in a romantic relationship. In the event of the dissolution of a romantic relationship Residence Life cannot guarantee a GIH roommate.

GIH Information Summary

  • Students can opt into designated gender inclusive housing options:
    • Submit a housing application. Please know that GIH liaison will reach out to you to discuss options based on your request.
  • Students will not be required to reveal the reason for choosing to live in gender‐inclusive housing (*see denoted information on couples).
  • Students may choose to request a roommate or roommates of any sex, gender identity and/or gender expression.
  • Students must apply with their prospective roommate(s) following the same processes and deadlines of all students entering the housing selection process. Housing is assigned on a first‐come first serve basis. Students who do not select a roommate will be assigned one after room selection has concluded (only with another resident who has requested GIH).
  • Students will not be assigned to gender inclusive housing unless they have elected to do so.
  • This housing option is intended for students who wish to share a room or suite with friends regardless of sex, gender identity or gender expression.

How to apply for Gender Inclusive Housing

  • STEP 1: Pay the $200 admissions deposit (for newly accepted students only)
  • STEP 2: Pay the $250 non-refundable housing deposit (current Central students begin here)
    • Log in to Web Central
    • Select "Deposit Payments"
    • Follow the steps to pay your housing deposit
  • STEP 3: Complete the online housing application in MyHousing
    • In order to be eligible to select the MyHousing and Meal Plan option, you must have paid both the $200 admissions deposit (newly accepted students only) and the $250 non-refundable housing deposit
      • Log in to Web Central
      • Select "MyHousing and Meal Plans”
      • Once in MyHousing click on the “Applications” option on the left-hand side of the screen
      • Click on the application you are looking to complete
      • Follow the steps to complete the application
    • Step 4: Email to request more information/enroll into Gender Inclusive Housing

The GIH coordinator will reach out to discuss possible housing options that will best meet the student’s needs.