Moving In

To ensure a smooth transition to your new home away from home at Central, the Department of Residence Life has collaborated with current students and staff to develop a list of suggested items for new students to bring and those you might consider leaving behind. Each student's room comes equipped with a dresser, desk, single bed, and closet. All furniture provided upon check-in must remain within your room. 

What To Bring

2-3 Pillows

Sheets (Twin XL)



Mattress Pad/Cover

Clothing and shoes (seasonal) 

Robe and shower shoes



Closet organizer




Hand soap

First aid Kit

Shower Caddy

Bath mat


Cleaning Supplies

Paper Towels


Toilet paper is provided

Room Décor

Area Rug

Posters, photos, 


Trash Can

Air Freshener


Collapsible Furniture**


*We strongly encourage students to bring fans if they are living in a residence hall without air conditioning. Temperatures can creep up during the first few weeks of the semester during the day, though evening and nighttime temperatures offer a chance for the building to cool off. Respite areas are spaces where students can take a break during the warmer daytime hours; respite areas available to residential students include any other residence hall with air conditioning, Memorial Hall, the Student Center, and Elihu Burritt Library.

**Folding chairs, tables and futons less than 65” only. No full size couches or chairs allowed. University furniture that is in the room when you arrive cannot be removed, added or relocated

Desk Lamp

Desk Organizer



Paperclips, sticky notes 



Any specific supplies you need for your best study habits


Alarm clock

Phone and charger

Surge Protector (must have on/off switch)

TV Stand & Coaxial Cable (1 TV per bedroom)

Microwave (1 per bedroom or suite)

Mini-Fridge (1 per bedroom. Suites can have 1 extra in common area)


Cups/Bowls, Plates


Reusable Water Bottle

Dish Soap & Sponge

Food Storage Containers

Laundry basket/bag

Detergent (our machines are HE)

Dryer Sheets

Stain Remover

Lint Roller

Video game systems

Board games


Hobby or craft supplies


What Not To Bring

It is your responsibility to comply with all Residence Life Policies. Please read the Student Handbook to find the current list of restricted items. It is in the Student Guide to On-Campus Living section. Below are a few of the restricted items on the list.

What Not To Bring

Air conditioners

Air fryers, hot plates, hot pots, electric appliances

Alcohol *, illegal drugs or paraphernalia such as bongs (alcohol containers empty or filled)

BB guns/toy guns


Coffee pots or coffee makers used in rooms/suites (see Approved Kitchen Equipment Section below)

Extension cords (only surge protectors permitted)

Firearms (including air rifles)

Heating elements

Hover boards, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards



Knives (other than kitchen knives

LED strip lights

Non-university mattress

Pets (only fish allowed)

Portable heaters

Vaporizers or humidifiers

Weapons of any kind

Wicker furniture or wastepaper baskets

Wireless router

3D printer

* Alcoholic Beverages: Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, having alcoholic containers (i.e., empty cans, bottles, decorative containers, etc.) in a room and being in a room with alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the residence halls except for James and Gallaudet Halls rooms/suites identified as 21 years and older.

Aquariums (for flake-eating fish only) – tank not to exceed 10 gallons. One per room.

Bicycles – must not block egress (door or window of room).

Black lights – must not be used to replace fixtures provided by the university.

Cleaning supplies – Students are encouraged to bring their own cleaning supplies for their rooms and to clean their space regularly.

Electronic cigarettes – Must be used outside of the Residence Hall in designated smoking areas.

Fitness weights – not to exceed 10 pounds

Furniture – collapsible folding furniture only

Hairdryers/straighteners – hand held only, must be U.L. approved; cannot be hung near sprinkler heads or ceilings.

Irons – must have auto shut-off, to be used on desktop boards.

Ironing boards – only desktop boards allowed.

Lamps – desktop lamps, no floor lamps

Microwave/refrigerator combination units – 
For a Standard Hall: 1 refrigerator (maximum 5.0 cubic feet, Energy Star
rated) and 1 microwave (not to exceed 700w) are allowed per room..

For a Suite: 1 refrigerator (maximum 5.0 cubic feet, Energy Star rated) are allowed per bedroom plus one extra in the common area. 1 microwave (not to exceed 700w) is allowed per suite.

Note; If using microfridge combination units, they must be one-plug technology.

Musical instruments – subject to quiet hours and 24-hour courtesy hours.

Plug strip/surge protector – must have built-in circuit breaker & UL approved.

Radios/Stereos – only one per room due to the power allotment for each room. 

Refrigerators – the unit must be UL approved and draw a maximum of two amps due to power allotment in the rooms. Only one per room.

Television – due to the power allotment for each room, only one per room. Students are encouraged to bring TVs no larger than 40 i9nches.

Vacuums – handhelds only (no uprights or canisters).

Posters/Wall coverings – must not exceed 50% of wall space.

Wastebaskets – must be made of metal or plastic (no wicker wastebaskets permitted).


Please consult your residence hall director if you wish to bring an item that is not listed above; certain items are prohibited for health and safety reasons. Also, please remember that space is limited so pack sparingly and consult with your roommate(s) to avoid bringing duplicate items.

These items can be kept in student’s rooms as storage.



Electric kettles

George Foreman grills


Rice Maker

Central Connecticut State University does not assume financial responsibility for damages or theft of students’ personal property. The Department of Residence Life highly recommends that each student consider purchasing renters’ insurance. Renters insurance is not mandatory and may be purchased from any source.