Adjunct Faculty Appointment Forms


Below are the corresponding hyperlinks of appointment forms for each academic semester. Please select the appropriate form to complete for the correlating session. It will require authentication with your BlueNet username and password. As data entry is being completed, certain fields will automatically prefill based on your entry. Departments will be responsible for entering the correct CRN number(s) for each faculty member’s assignment. Data for each CRN will auto populate on the form (IE. course running dates, times, room numbers, etcetera). It is critical the Banner ID for the faculty member, Chair, and the Dean are entered correctly. Upon completion of the form, electronic signature is required. Forms will automatically route to the Chair and Dean via Central e-mail. As well as to the School of Graduate Studies and Grants and Funded Research office, if applicable. Human Resources will receive the completed form automatically after all signatures and approvals are submitted. If unapproved by any party, the requester will be responsible for resubmitting the appointment form with appropriate adjustments. Any unapproved forms will not automatically be submitted to Human Resources.


Please select the session which is applicable to the faculty member’s assignment.