Modified Living Learning Communities (LLCs): Theme Communities

Our Modified Living Learning Communities are theme based and connect students with their academic or personal focus. These communities also have a program each semester that offers opportunities to enrich your experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Sophomore Theme Housing

Housed in Robert Sheridan Hall

Central is dedicated to the success of our students as you transition from first to second year and ultimately, degree completion. Your second year marks a significant evolution in your college life, and we want to be there for you! To be considered a sophomore, you must have completed a total of 26 credits. This LLC offers programs and events with various academic departments, advisors, and others to provide you opportunities to learn and excel. Included in this program will be meetings and coaching sessions with upper-level students who can share their successes to help move you closer to graduation. Activities will be designed to enhance academics, career readiness, and leadership development, to name a few.

Women in Leadership Theme Housing

Housed in Mildred Barrows Hall

A program located in an all-female gender residence hall; this LLC is designed to enhance activities inspiring women to develop as leaders. Gain skills to become assertive and goal orientated and develop abilities to encourage other women. Take part in activities and programs with some of the following areas: