Campus Safety Awareness

Your safety and wellbeing are important to us! While living on campus please take steps to protect yourself by staying aware and to being mindful of following security precautions to ensure your safety. 

This emergency notification system provides text messages, phone and voicemail messages, alerting you to impending threatening conditions or situations. It’s easy and takes only a few moments to sign up.

CCSU Police 
(860) 832-2375
Student Affairs Office(860) 832-1601
Residence Life Office(860) 832-1660
Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities(860) 832-1667
Office of Victim Advocacy (860) 832-3796
Student Wellness
Counseling & Student Development
(860) 832-1945
Student Wellness
Health Services 
(860) 832-1925

Barrows(860) 832-1675
Beecher(860) 832-3439
James(860) 832-3442
Seth North(860) 832-0527
Mid-Campus(860) 832-0210
Gallaudet(860) 832-3452
Sam May(860) 832-3466
Sheridan(860) 832-3445
Vance(860) 832-1680

Keep your suite and room doors locked. Use your peep holes. Do not open your doors to anyone that you do not know.

It is unsafe to give out your Blue Chip ID card. If you lose it, you must report it to CCSU Police immediately at (860) 832-2375.

If you see suspicious persons or activity, please notify Campus Police at (860) 832-2375 or call 911.

All visitors must be checked in at the check in desk. Everyone entering the building needs to do so through the front entrance. The Desk Attendants are on duty beginning at 8:00 pm. 

*See your hall staff for the most up to date visitor policy.

For a complete list of Residence Hall/University Policies and Student Rights and Responsibilities, please view the Student Handbook

Below are guidelines that you must follow:

  • No Smoking in Residence Halls – Smoking cigarettes, E-cigarettes or any kind of vaporizer in any state building is strictly prohibited.
  • Never Cover or Tamper With Smoke Detectors – It is against the law and endangers everyone in the building.
  • Never Hang Lights/Tapestries From The Ceiling – It is unsafe to hang items that may obstruct the sprinkler heads in any way.
  • Do Not Block Areas of Egress – Do not block the window or entrance ways with furniture or other items.
  • Fire Alarm Protocol – For everyone’s wellbeing, please exit the building when the fire alarm sounds. Individuals not exiting the building during a fire alarm will be subject to disciplinary action as well as placing their housing assignment in jeopardy.
  • Fire Restricted Items – For your safety and the safety of others, know what items are fire restricted. Please view the current list of restricted items in the Student Guide to On-Campus Living section of the Student Handbook. It is your responsibility to comply with all Residence Life Policies.

  • Please view the Campus Police webpage with information about Crime Prevention & Personal Safety for helpful safety tips. 
  • Campus Police offers a mobile safety app called the LiveSafe App, which enables you to report tips to CCSU Police, use friends as “virtual escorts” in real time, place emergency calls, and access safety features. 
  • If you are concerned about walking alone on campus, Campus Police will provide a security escort upon request. You can reach them at (860) 832-2375 to request an officer escort.
  • There are over 75 Emergency Call Boxes across campus. It is important to learn their locations.

  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times.
  • Park in well lit areas. When returning to your vehicle, have your keys ready before you reach it.
  • Check the back seat before you get in.
  • Keep your wallet/purse and other valuables out of sight. Use the trunk of your vehicle.
  • If you feel you are being followed, change direction and head for a well lit and populated area, i.e., stores, malls or even a police station.
  • If your vehicle breaks down, stay with it. Make certain to lock the doors, put on your flashers and wait for help. If a passerby offers to help, do not get out of the vehicle; just open your window a crack and ask the person to contact the police department.
  • Consider purchasing a cardboard windshield protector with the words: “HELP-CALL THE POLICE” on it and use it when you break down.
  • Use your senses and be aware of your surroundings.

  • If you think you are a victim/survivor of sexual/interpersonal violence, please call Campus Police at (860) 832-2375. It is better to err on the side of caution.
  • Get to know your Resident Director and Resident Assistants within your building. Introduce yourself to them and participate in their programs. Community promotes safety. They are also a good connection to resources.
  • You have several options: The choice is yours!