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Assessment in Academic Programs

All academic programs are assessed according to the Policy on Academic Assessment. Reports will be reviewed on a multi-year cycle by the Academic Assessment Committee (AAC), which will provide feedback to departments.

Assessment reports for AY21-22 are due September 30, 2022. Please review the Assessment Report and Program Review Calendar for the reports due this academic year and submit your report(s) to Martie Kaczmarek, Assessment Coordinator, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) at mkaczmarek@ccsu.edu.  If you believe there is an error on the calendar, please also contact Martie Kaczmarek.

Assessment Report forms, instructions, and resources are available at the bottom of this page. Please note that new programs have their own form and instructions for reporting in the first three years of the program.

Assessment Reports

Externally Accredited Programs (with feedback on learning outcomes)

Externally accredited programs are no longer required to submit Full reports or Interim reports. These programs now submit Summary reports to the AAC every year, except on the year of their external accredited reporting submission. Accredited programs would, in this year, submit both their outgoing accreditation report and respective feedback summaries from the outside accrediting agency to the Martie Kaczmarek. This information is required for reports submitted to CSCU, Board of Regents, and NECHE.

Non-Externally Accredited Programs

Established Programs: All programs that are not accredited by a discipline specific external accreditation body (with feedback on learning outcomes) are on a 5-year cycle, consisting of a Full report in Year 1, followed by Program Review in Year 2, with Interim reports for years 3, 4, and 5. The assessment cycle is aligned with the Program Review Cycle such that the Full assessment report is due the year prior to the year that the department will submit their program review self-study. During the year of Program Review, departments are required to submit a Summary assessment report; this is necessary to comply with the Board of Regents and NECHE requirements.  

For example, if your program is scheduled for Program Review in Fall 2021, then only a Summary assessment report will be due for that program in Fall 2021 (report covering AY2021-21 activities).

New Programs:  All new programs that are not eligible for external accreditation must complete both the New Program Summary Sheet and the New Program Report in each of the first three years of the program. The New Program Report is a shorter version of the Full Report and recognizes that little or no data may be available early in the process. In Year 4, a regular Full Report will be due. The Academic Assessment Committee will review all new program reports for the first four years and will provide feedback to departments. In Year 5, Program Review will take place. New Programs will then move into the 5-year cycle for Established Programs.

For additional information, please call Martie Kaczmarek, Assessment Coordinator, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at 860-832-2304.

Report Access

All reports below are in a password protected format. All instructional faculty and administrators can access these reports with their regular CCSU user ID and password. 




No Report

Not Applicable


* Teacher Leadership MS formerly Educational Leadership MS

Current Reporting Forms, Instructions and Resources 2021-2022. All assessment reports are due September 24, 2021.

Instructions for Assessment Reporting: Please review prior to writing reports

Full Reports: Summary and Report Instructions

Complete the Summary Sheet and the Detailed Report (see instructions)

Interim Reports

Complete the Summary Sheet and Learning Outcome forms; add data in appendix

Summary Reports: for Externally Accredited Programs & Programs in Program Review

Please complete Summary Sheet; data is not required.

New Program Report: for New Programs not externally accredited

Complete the Summary Sheet and the Narrative Report (see instructions)

Resources: Helpful resources for assessment at CCSU