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Fall 2021-2022 Academic Year housing applications are available now


Living Learning Communities (LLC)

New for Fall 2021, CCSU’s residential Living Learning Communities provide an immersive environment that links educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. In addition to helping students develop social and professional networks, LLCs have dedicated staff who create intentional programs and activities that enhance student success.  Analysis shows students who participate in LLCs have higher graduation rates, higher levels of academic self-confidence, and an easier time connecting with peers.

If you are interested in applying for a Living Learning Community after reading about them below please click here for instructions on how to apply.

Freshman Students LLC

Designed to help first-year students adjust to campus life, this program offers services, events, and activities to help you make connections and succeed academically. You will be introduced to campus resources, study skills, health and safety services, and community-building opportunities. You will learn to network with faculty, staff, and students to successfully navigate your higher education and achieve your future goals.

More information about the Freshmen Students LLC

Educator LLC

Students interested in all areas and levels of education interact with other teaching students, faculty, and seasoned practitioners. Monthly dinners help you cultivate your professional network and support system. Professional learning series and introductions to the latest teaching methods and technologies allow you to develop the skills needed for certification.

More information about the Educator LLC

Nursing LLC

Interact and network with fellow nursing students and faculty as you navigate a dynamic, competitive program. Meet, learn from, and work with nursing professionals. Gain real-world experience participating in health-related community activities on and off campus. Live and learn your way to becoming a nurse.

More information about the Nursing LLC

Equity, Justice, and Inclusion LLC

Join a welcoming community where participants respectfully exchange ideas on topics like racial justice, hunger and food insecurity, climate change and more. Discover rich campus resources at the Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Center and the LGBTQ Gender Equity Collection in the Burritt Library. Explore the root causes of inequality and injustice while learning to engage and forge a brighter future.

More information about the Equity, Justice, and Inclusion LLC

Explore LLC

Explore the many exciting majors offered by CCSU to identify the best path for you. Learn the connections between majors and careers to prepare for life after graduation. Discover social events that introduce you to clubs, activities, departments, faculty, and other students that will enhance your college experience.

More information about the Explore LLC

Graduate Students LLC

Recognizing the distinct wants and needs of CCSU Graduate Students, this LLC provides a centralized space to live, share, and develop a greater sense of community. Each month, the Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies, Research, and Faculty Development will share dinner with students, facilitate writing workshops, and oversee a professional development series tailored to the needs of graduate students.

More information about the Graduate Students LLC