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Fall 2021-2022 Academic Year housing applications are available now


Gender Inclusive Housing

On campus housing is available for full-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate, and graduate students who wish to live in Gender Inclusive Housing.  Students are eligible to apply for housing once they have paid the confirmation fee to the University.  To be considered for any housing options you must submit an application and the $250.00 non-refundable housing deposit by the established deadline, and agree to a one year housing contract.

Important Information about Housing

Where will I live, and what are the features of the residence hall?

Students who select this Gender Inclusive Housing style will find there is specific space available in multiple residence halls. The spaces include a selection of amenities that will appeal to a variety of interests and needs. Students who select this Gender Inclusive Housing should email us at or contact us to set up an appointment to discuss any questions or interests you may have before you select a residence hall.

I see the halls have a kitchen. Does that mean I do not have to be on the meal plan?

All students living on–campus must be on a meal plan even if their residence hall has kitchen facilities. Find more information about meal plan options here and on campus dining halls and eateries here.

Will I have a roommate?

Each student can select their own roommate through our selection process, but that will depend on the type of option you have requested for this type of housing option, and the availability at the time of your request.

Can I stay on campus during break periods?

On campus housing during break periods is offered to students who have an academic reason to remain on campus (e.g., taking classes, assisting a professor or campus office). Students who meet the criteria may apply for break housing. Please be aware that there is a separate charge for break housing.

What policies should I be aware of?

All students are expected to abide by, and be familiar with both, the University Student Code of Conduct and the Residence Hall policies. A copy of the student handbook can be found here.

Key Policies

  • Alcohol: Use, possession, purchase, sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages, except as expressly permitted by law and University regulations. Alcoholic beverages may not, under any circumstances, be used by, possessed by, or distributed to any person under twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • Drugs: Use, possession, purchase, sale, distribution or manufacturing of narcotics, controlled substances and/or drugs, including, but not limited to, marijuana and heroin, or drug paraphernalia, except as expressly permitted by law.
  • Fire Safety: Students are expected to exercise all precautions to prevent fires in the residence halls. No cooking is permitted in student rooms. The University has authorized a company to market microwave/refrigerator units in designated Residence Halls. These will be the only microwaves permitted in student rooms. Rooms should be cleaned and free of clutter in order to minimize fire hazards. Drapes must be made of fire-retardant material. No ceiling decorations including decorative lights can be hanged on ceilings tiles. A list of fire restricted/prohibited items is available for viewing here.
  • Roommate Bill of Rights: It is expected that roommates will treat each other with courtesy and respect. Students found purposefully creating hostile environment in their room, in an attempt to cause their roommate to move out, may be referred through the student conduct process, along with being moved to another housing assignment.
  • Visitation: Upon consent of the roommate(s) a resident may have a guest spend three nights per week. Guests must remain with, and are the responsibility of, their hosts. All guests both overnight and those visiting for a few hours are required to be signed in during posted sign in hours.

Will I need to have my health records on file before moving in?

Yes. All students living on campus must submit their health records to Student Wellness Services (SWS) Health Services. In addition, all students must have received the Meningitis vaccination, and provide SWS Health Services with proof of vaccination prior to moving in. 
Information about payment options and fees can be found on the Bursars site here.