CCSU Emergency Notification System

As part of our efforts to enhance the safety and security of the campus, all currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and other campus employees have been enrolled in the CCSU Emergency Notification System (ENS).

To review your contact information and to add additional contacts, please log in using your Bluenet User Name and Password:

Students should report any errors to the Registrar's Office via the form linked here.
Faculty, staff, and other employees should report errors to the Human Resources Department at 860-832-1756.

The ENS will be used to alert the CCSU community in the event of a serious threat to campus safety. Emergency information will be distributed via telephone, text message, and voice mail. The University will also use the system for routine testing, and, as deemed appropriate, to announce severe weather closings. The University also broadcasts emergency notices via Whelen outdoor loudspeakers. When appropriate, the home page of the University website ( will also provide important emergency-related communications. Just as a fire alarm cannot prevent a fire, no communication system can guarantee safety. But, as with fire alarms, effective communications can help save lives.

The University respects the privacy of its community members. Contact information gathered for the ENS is confidential and will be used only for the purposes described above.

Because contact information will be regularly updated, when those registered in the system leave the University - students no longer enrolled in courses or employees who have left the university, for example - their contact information will no longer be a part of the ENS, and they would not receive any future emergency notifications.

The University's ENS operates in conjunction with Everbridge. Please report any problems you experience with ENS notifications to the CCSU Help Desk at 860-832-1720.