Psychology Labs

Applied Cognitive Lab – Dr. Marianne Fallon
Applied Developmental Physiological Laboratory – Dr. Rebecca Wood
Biofeedback Lab – Dr. Carol Austad
Clinical Psychology Research Lab – Dr. Jason Sikorski
Culture & Intergroup Relations Lab - Dr. Marisa Mealy
HDWC Research: Health, Disease, and Well-being within Communities – Dr. Amanda Marin Chollom
Organizational Psych Lab – Dr. Caleb Bragg
Perception Action Laboratory – Dr. Julia Blau
Sexual and Gender Minority Stress and Health Lab – Drs. Joanne DiPlacido and Carolyn Fallahi
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab – Dr. Silvia Corbera Lopez
The Assumption Lab – Dr. John Protzko
The Social Psychology Lab – Dr. Candice Wallace