Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Carrie Andreoletti

Area of Research Interest: Attitudes and stereotypes about aging and older adults, benefits of intergenerational connections, health and well-being across the lifespan
Ongoing Projects: Currently supervising master’s thesis related to social isolation in older adults
Potential Projects: Open to student ideas in my areas of interest and expertise – aging/gerontology, lifespan development, stereotypes, positive psychology

Dr. Carol Shaw Austad

Areas of Research Interest: Biofeedback, Stress Management, Health Care and Psychotherapy; Hawaiian Psychotherapy (ecotherapy) and cultural contrasts/oppression
Ongoing Projects: Hawaiian Psychology, Biofeedback, Health Care and Psychotherapy
Potential Projects: Open to creative endeavors.

Dr. Marcie Berman

Area of Research Interest: Health inequities among LGBTQ+ adults, community-based methods of addressing HIV, telehealth and HIV prevention and engagement in care.
Potential Projects: Telehealth and PrEP uptake and adherence

Dr. Julia Blau

Area of Research Interest: Ecological Psychology broadly, but Cognition more specifically; Memory; Perception, Action; Arts and Aesthetics
Ongoing Projects: Currently working on several projects involving the perception of events in Films, as indexed by the mathematical structure of the editing.
Future projects: work on the emotional impact of event perception, using fractal structure to relieve anxiety, the learning of editors over time, event perception changes between cultures, and a scientific exploration of aesthetics.

Dr. Caleb Bragg

Areas of Research Interest: Self-control; Careless Responding; Counterproductive Work Behavior; Job Performance; Selection; Early Career Success, School to Work Transitions; Occupational Health; Job Stress
Ongoing Projects: Developing and validating self-control measures in student and early career populations; Validating Multi Student Performance Scale in US and minority sample

Dr. Jim Conway

Area of Research Interest: Open to studies on positive youth development; children with incarcerated parents
Potential Projects: Interested in supervising theses focusing on positive youth development in general. I am particularly interested in supervising projects focusing on children with incarcerated parents, which is my main area of research.

Dr. Silvia Corbera-Lopez

Area of Research Interest: Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience; and research interest that has a clinical component and/or developmental component.
Ongoing Projects: online project aimed at examining social cognitive and affective skills in healthy individuals and individuals with schizotypy and autism traits (active before COVID). Validating a measure of emotion recognition in children; Collaboration in which we are examining social and affective information in schizophrenia and autism.
Potential Projects: Besides area of research described above, interests in social cognitive and affective constructs, from a cognitive neuroscience perspective such as empathy, emotion processing, Theory of Mind, rejection/ostracism

Dr. Joanne DiPlacido

Area of Research Interest: health, relationship between physical and mental health, LGBTQ+ mental and physical health, minority stress, women’s health, stress and coping, health behaviors and health risk behaviors, intimate partner violence
Ongoing Projects: COVID-19 mental and physical health studies

Dr. Carolyn Fallahi

Area of Research Interest: mental health, classification of psychiatric disorders, LGBTQ+ mental health, the scholarship of teaching.
Ongoing Projects: COVID-19 mental and physical health studies.

Dr. Andrea June

Area of Research Interest: Age-friendly environments (universities, cities, health systems), Mental Health and Aging, Gerontology in Higher Education
Ongoing Projects: Advancing age-friendly university initiatives, Increasing age literacy and decreasing ageism 

Dr. Amanda M. Marín-Chollom

Area of Research Interest: Stress and coping within a sociocultural context, chronic illness prevention, health behavior change, health disparities, cancer survivorship
Ongoing Projects: Chronic illness prevention in college students, Stress and Coping during the Covid Pandemic, Latina Cancer Survivorship
Potential Projects: Impact of cultural beliefs/values on stress, coping, health behaviors, and health seeking behaviors.

Dr. Marisa Mealy

Area of Research Interest: cross-cultural psychology, intergroup relations, and other social psychology topics4
Ongoing projects: Resistance and Black Lives Matter, National identity and test performance, Academic attitudes and retention among Latinos, The effect of exposure to news headlines on Black Americans, and National identity and test performance
Potential Projects: Prefer to supervise theses or capstones that are related to national/global culture, ethnicity/ethnic identity, intergroup relations (stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, etc.), academic achievement/retention, and/or related social psychology topics.

Dr. John Protzko

Area of Research Interest: Metascience, Social Cognition, Cognitive Development, and investigating underlying assumptions.
Ongoing Projects: Currently working on why people believe young people today are in decline; understanding the role of focal cortical lesions on cognitive development; understanding why we believe in free will; looking at how practicing scientists change their beliefs in light of evidence; cross-cultural work across dozens of countries.

Dr. Jason Sikorski

Area of Research Interest: Clinical Psychology, Gender Role Development, Toxic Masculinity, Suicide Prevention   
Projects: I have supervised theses pertaining to pornography use, toxic masculinity and various topics pertaining to psychological problems in people. 

Dr. Nghi D. Thai

Area of Research Interest: School engagement, intergroup relations, program evaluation
Ongoing Projects: Program evaluation of the Moving Towards Mastery cohort program, school engagement and barriers during Covid-19
Potential Projects: Program evaluation of the Success Central mentoring program, trauma informed community development

Dr. Candice Wallace

Areas of Research Interest: The impact of culturally specific experiences on psychosocial outcomes. I am focused on these outcomes for racial minorities and/or marginalized populations.
Ongoing Projects: My current projects focus:

  1. The impact of culturally specific protective factors on reductions in violence among African American men.
  2. The impact of race-based gender socialization on several outcomes (i.e. self-esteem, coping mechanisms, academic/career outcomes, gender identity and gendered behaviors).

Potential Projects: I am open to working with students on research related to my projects/interests as stated above. I am especially interested in examining race and culture and am willing to work on a wide range of projects that explore these phenomena.

Dr. Rebecca Wood

Areas of Research Interest: Adults' responses to infant cries; communication development; attachment
Ongoing Projects: COVID-19 and parenting stress; physiological and perceptual responses to infant crying
Potential Projects: Acoustic characteristics of cries and listeners' physiological responses; empathy and responses to crying; too many to list here