Purchasing Card Contract Compliance

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Purchasing Card Contract Compliance

While the Purchasing Card is a procurement tool, it does not signal a change in policy regarding compliance with University contract suppliers.

The Purchasing Department is authorized to negotiate and issue contracts that will provide the University with "least total cost" arrangements for goods and services required from outside vendors. In negotiating those contracts, Purchasing will consider not only the vendor's line item pricing for the products or services, but will also consider the vendor's:

  • Ability to provide the necessary quality, delivery and service

  • Overall pricing structure

  • Financial stability

  • Warranty and Service Policies

  • Other organizational requirements

Supplier contract pricing and performance are normally based on the University's overall anticipated volume of purchases during the contract period. In order to assure the University community of "least total cost" of goods and services, and to fulfill the University's obligations to consolidate all of its requirements with the authorized contract supplier(s), all University departments are strongly encouraged to order required goods or services from those suppliers who are authorized contract suppliers to the University.

The Department of Administrative Services and the Connecticut Colleges Purchasing Group (CCPG) websites contain a list of contracts available to the campus community.  

http://www.das.state.ct.us/busopp.asp - Current contracts can be searched for by keyword or by vendor name

http://www.ccpg.net/mainh1.htm - This site lists CCPG contracts available to CCSU. Follow the link on the top  of the page for current contracts.

In addition, CCSU has its own list of contracts available to CCSU departments. Please contact the Purchasing Department for information on the CCSU contracts.

Circumventing the use of these contracts may result in some initial savings but repeated circumvention reduces their value, discourages vendors from bidding in the future and eventually results in higher prices. Do not fall prey to a vendor who may offer you a lower price to obtain your initial business after failing to be awarded a University contract.

When you request pricing make sure that you identify yourself as a University employee and identify the applicable contract against which the appropriate pricing should be applied. Failure to do so may result in your being charged higher pricing. 

Using State or University contracts ensures that you are dealing with reliable vendors, that the items have been tested and approved, and that returns or exchanges will be handled expeditiously.