Tax Exemption Number

Central Connecticut State University is a tax-exempt organization. The University's tax exemption number is 06-1303381CSU84000. A copy of the University's agency exemption certificate can be found on the Purchasing Card Forms. The tax-exempt number appears on the face of each Purchasing Card, directly below the cardholder's name.

This number should be provided to all vendors by the cardholder at the time of the transaction to exempt payment of state sales tax. Please remember that the University is a tax-exempt institution and purchases should not include any state sales tax.

When making purchases, every effort should be made by the cardholder to ensure that Connecticut sales tax is not charged. If sales tax is billed incorrectly to the cardholder's account, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to make a diligent effort to have a credit issued [applies only to State of Connecticut vendors] in a timely manner. Out-of-state vendors do not have to honor our tax-exempt status.

If the audit team encounters repeated failures to rectify sales tax issues, the cardholder may lose cardholder privileges for a specific time depending on the severity of the infraction.

Sales Tax Tips to Remember

  • Always carry the Sales Tax Certification form and any Vendor Assigned Tax Exempt numbers.
  • Approach the "Courtesy Desk" and advise them that you are from CCSU and will be making a tax-exempt purchase. This will allow the merchant to verify that CCSU is on record as a tax-exempt agency and alert the staff at the register that a tax-exempt purchase will be forthcoming.
  • If Central is not in their system, report this to the Purchasing Card Services Member Coordinator. The Purchasing Card Services Member Coordinator will contact the merchant to establish what documentation must be completed so that future merchant transactions will be seamless.
  • Cardholders should notify the Purchasing Manager when they are experiencing difficulties with a merchant.
  • Double-check the receipt before you leave the store.

Agency Number
The University's agency number is 7802 and may be given upon request to vendors.

Vendor Assigned Tax Exempt Numbers
In addition to Central's tax-exempt number, some vendors require that another number be issued. Ensure that you have the list available when making a purchase from any of these vendors so that you are not charged sales tax.

  • Lowe's Home Building Supplies - CCSU Customer ID 500321686 and telephone lookup number 860.832.3200
  • Staples Office Products - 1765324437
  • Office Max - 00200544072
  • Wal-Mart - 226274
  • Home Depot - 604055857
  • Office Depot – 48469511

Getting Tax Refunded & Next Steps

If you find yourself resolving a tax issue and the vendor has refunded you via cash & not back to the p-card, all you have to do is – bring the original receipt, tax refund receipt and refunded cash amount to Business Services – Lawrence Davidson 2280500.