Grants Purchasing Card

Using the Purchasing Card for Grant Purchases

Use of the Grants Purchasing Card is done through the Office of Grants Administration, Grants Administration Manager. Any individual, who desires to use the Grants Purchasing Card, must first call the Grants Administration Manager at x22005 and receive approval prior to placing an order. All users of the Grants Purchasing Card must attend a Grants Purchasing Card training session.

The Grants Purchasing Card may be utilized for telephone, Internet and mail grant purchases; however, the use of the card for a grant or contract requires some forethought. Careful judgment must be exercised before you make a purchase with the card against grants. You must clearly understand what constitutes an allowable charge to your particular program.

Grants Purchasing Checklist

  • Grant purchases are permitted provided that the item purchased is an allowable charge against the grant.
  • The Grant Purchasing Card cannot be used for charging departmental costs to a grant account.
  • Grant purchases must be made in accordance with the restrictions, terms and conditions of the grant.
  • The Banner account assigned to the purchase must be appropriate.
  • Any questions regarding Grant Purchasing Card purchases should be directed to the Grants Office.