Central's Travel Office is a function of Fiscal Affairs and is responsible for processing expenses related to University-sponsored travel. The Travel Office serves as a reference point for Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports, as well as providing guidance on travel policies and procedures.

Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports are processed through SAP Concur, a web-based travel and expense system that is maintained and administered by the Travel Office. Concur provides portability to users on and off campus for travel authorization and expense report processing, submissions, and approvals. Concur has a fully integrated workflow to move travel authorizations and expense reports to the appropriate approvers. Concur allows for the allocation of expenses by single or multiple index codes, tracks the approval status and travel expenditures, calculates business mileage, converts currencies, calculates per diem amounts for meals and hotel lodging according to federal GSA rates, and allows users to upload receipts using the Concur mobile device app. Users are invited to reach out to the Travel Help Desk with any questions or concerns.

The Travel Office is available to assist with the submission of travel authorizations and expense reports and provide training sessions via Microsoft Teams. Please contact the Travel Help Desk to schedule a Teams meeting.

Concur Training Resources:

  • Approval Flow
  • Approvers Assigning a Delegate
  • Approvers Training Manual
  • Descriptions of Policies/How to use Request and Expense Modules
  • FAQ
  • Required Receipts In Expense
  • Travel Request Training Manual
  • Travel Expense Training Manual

How To:

Concur Scheduled Maintenance/Site Outages or Performance Issues:

  • The Concur web site,, undergoes routine maintenance every week on Saturday from 12 AM EST to 4 AM EST. During these maintenance periods, the web site may be unavailable.
  • To find out if Concur is aware of a site outage or performance issue, navigate to Concur Open by clicking on "Service Status" in the bottom, left corner of the Concur sign in screen or visit Concur Open is Concur's status dashboard which provides up-to-the-minute service availability and performance information.

Listed below are some helpful travel and travel policy related links:

Out of State Tax Exemptions

While traveling on University business Cental has tax exemption certificates available for the following states:

If you plan to travel to one of these states and will have meal or lodging expenses, please contact the Travel Office prior to travel. In order to use these tax exemption certificates, payment must be made by University p-card or check. The exemption will not apply if a traveler is using their own personal credit card.

Please direct any questions that you have related to the travel policy to the Central Travel Help Desk at (860) 832-2580 or

For Concur system issues, please contact the Concur User Support Desk at 866793.4040.

Last Updated 02/08/2023

Alejandro Garcia
University Assistant
Travel Office
Rajashri Paricharak
Travel Administrator
Travel Office