Accounts Payable Policies

It is University Policy that all vendor invoices must be sent directly to the Accounts Payable Department, rather than having the invoice sent to the department that initiated the purchase. 

This policy follows Accounts Payable best practices for the following reasons:

  • Allows the Accounts Payable Department to scan the invoice into an imaging database.
    • Scanning of the invoice saves time that could otherwise be wasted looking for missing or misdirected invoices.
    • Scanning enables the Accounts Payable Department to track all invoices from the receipt of the invoice to approval of the invoice, to final payment. 
  • Improves the invoice payment/budget process by taking advantage of any discount terms offered in exchange for prompt payment.
  • Reduces the likelihood of duplicate payments.
  •  Ensures timely payments, which in turn improves vendor relations by decreasing the number of phone calls from vendors inquiring about outstanding invoices.
  • Reduces duplication of effort by not having to request the vendor or ordering department provide Accounts Payable with a copy of the invoice.

Please inform the Accounts Payable Department at when invoices are being sent directly to an individual. AP will contact the vendors with the correct information for future invoices.