Resources for Professors


The EJI-designation will not be satisfied by the addition of stand-alone lessons on “other cultures” or other forms of “difference.”

Below are some suggestions and examples of how a course may incorporate issues and concerns of equity, social justice, and inclusion through course content, pedagogy, and climate. A successful EJI course will incorporate aspects from all areas: content, pedagogy, and climate.

(Note: The following list should also make clear the relevance of the EJI-designation for instructors and classes across the curriculum.)

Powerpoint Presentations from Diversity Specialists

“Diversity in our Lives: An Introduction"(by Marisa Mealy. Ph.D.)
"What if They Call Me a Racist"(by Frances Kendall, Ph.D.)
"Understanding White Privilege"(by Frances Kendall, Ph.D.)

General Diversity Resources

Understanding Prejudice(Website)

Implicit Associations Test(Harvard Site)
Lessons of flowering plants

Gender & Sexuality Resources

Beliefs Concerning Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals
Sexual Orientation
LGBT History Trivia
CWLA Article

Contact Information

Beth Frankel Merenstein
Interim Associate Vice President
Center for Community Engagement and Social Research
Lawrence J. Davidson Hall