Application Process

To submit a course for EJI designation please apply via the Curriculum Portal and be sure to click the button for Proposed Gen Ed or EJI and upload your syllabus. Once entered into the portal the Faculty Senate Diversity committee will be notified to review your course.

  • An EJI-designated course will use course content, course design (such as variety of methods of instruction, assessment, and assignment type), and classroom interactions to highlight obstacles to and strategies required to promote equity and social justice and inclusion in the United States.
  • An EJI-designated course will integrate equity, social justice, and inclusion into the established course content through course design and heightened attention to classroom interactions and culture.
  • An EJI-designated course will explore bias and discrimination in the United States. This can be done through a variety of disciplines in a multitude of ways

Contact Information

Beth Frankel Merenstein
Interim Associate Vice President
Center for Community Engagement and Social Research
Lawrence J. Davidson Hall