Let's Do Research

CCESR provides research, analysis, and consulting services to enhance the quality and delivery of public and non-profit services in Connecticut. With the help of Central Students and Faculty, our services include annual reports, needs assessments, client satisfaction surveys, state plans, and service evaluations.

For students, this is an opportunity to:

  • Learn from faculty research experts
  • Partake in hands-on data collection and analysis, including conducting in-depth interviews, leading focus groups, analysis of fiscal data, and
  • Gain experience conducting survey research and writing formal reports, including administering written and phone surveys, analysis of open-ended feed-back and data, and final report drafting

Some of our current/ongoing applied research projects include:

  • Amplifying Neighborhood Voices: Community Perceptions of Police and Public Safety
  • CT Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS): Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment
  • CT Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB): Client Satisfaction Survey Report
  • Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP): Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Data Report

Contact CCESR to find out more about contributing to our applied research projects.