Community Partners

The Center for Community Engagement and Social Research (CCESR) at Central works to build mutually beneficial relationships with various community partners across the City of New Britain and surrounding towns. By collaborating, we are able to gain valuable insight and knowledge, recognize community identified needs, provide resources, and work towards collective goals and initiatives.

Looking to assess community and/or organizational needs? 

→ Central can provide access to expert research faculty and resources!

Recruiting interns or volunteers? 

→ We can connect you with students!

Want to spread the word about an event/program? 

→ We can promote it through our networks!

Looking to Create a Partnership?

  • If you are a community organization that is looking to get involved with the Center, please do not hesitate to reach out to Christian Reyes, Assistant Director of CCESR, at 860.832.2977 or
  • You can also access our forms for Partnership Inquiries, Promotional Requests for Student Opportunities, and End-of-Semester Partnership Reviews below. 

Forms for Community Partners

  • CCESR Partnership Inquiry
    If you would like to inquire about creating a partnership, you can submit your proposal in this form and we will follow up with you.
  • Promotional Requests for Student Opportunities
    This form is for partners who would like to promote an internship, volunteer opportunity, event, etc., to the student body through our weekly student newsletter, announcements on CCESR’s website, and our social media platforms.
  • End of Semester Community Partner Review
    At the end of each semester, our community partners will be encouraged to fill out this form to give a brief summary of the partnership from their perspective, along with any data and/or reports the organization would like to share.