Funding Requests

The Center for Community Engagement & Social Research (CCESR) brings together the important work of community engagement (CE) and applied research. Our primary goal is to integrate teaching, research, and service through community engagement. Additionally, we want all students to engage in multiple experiential learning opportunities, for faculty to develop scholarship with a community focus, and for our community to work with us to address their most pressing needs.

One way we do that is by providing funding and resources to support different CE projects on and off campus that support our mission. Priority is given to proposals that engage with both local communities and Central students and/or faculty and staff.

Primary Goals of Funding

  • Increase student experiential learning opportunities through volunteering, service learning, internships, and research
  • Strengthen ties between the University and community partners
  • Support projects/events that address community identified needs
  • Support local community groups/organizations
  • Promote civic engagement
  • Assist with community-based research

Activities/Programs that may be funded:

  • CE activities, events, or initiatives that provide real life educational experiences for students
  • Forums, guest speakers, and workshops on issues/topics that align with our purpose and mission
  • Applied social research projects involving faculty and students
  • Collaborative actions, or partnerships, with public, private, and educational organizations
  • Programs that promote diversity and inclusion
  • Public Policy analysis and debate
  • International travel with meaningful educational opportunities and community engagement
  • The development of scholarship programs

If you are seeking funding, click HERE to complete a request.

Note: Due to limited resources, the Center may not be able to accommodate all requests. While there are many meaningful programs and initiatives that are worthy of the Center’s support, it is necessary to facilitate the programs that most closely align with our mission and purpose. As a result, the CCESR team reserves the right to deny requests or offer partial requests. In addition, CCESR cannot always be the sole source of funding for an organization/group and ask that you demonstrate that you have sought out other sources.

Please submit requests at least one month before funds are needed. CCESR will carefully review your submission and respond in a timely manner.