Community Engagement Experiential Learning Stipend (CEELS)

$3,000 Internship Stipend!

Are you looking for a paid internship?

Community Engagement is offering stipends towards internships. The CEEL stipend will pay $18/hour with a maximum of $3,000 (this averages 20 hours a week for an 8-week program).

Priority will be given to students with proposals that engage with local communities! Stipends will be paid to students who are in positions that do not function under the typical wage system. If you are in an unpaid internship or doing unpaid work in a research setting, our experiential learning stipend can help.

Primary goals of the stipend

  • assist in the research of the career field of your dreams while providing the funds

  • take advantage of unpaid summer internships and research projects through the experiential learning stipend

  • increase chances of personal growth

  • allow for more professional opportunities

  • gain work experience


  • internship secured by the application due date

  • internship must be unpaid

  • enrollment at Central for the semester during which the internship will take place (NOTE: if your internship is during the Summer, you must be enrolled at Central for the Fall semester)

  • must be an undergraduate matriculated student

  • experiential opportunity must be external to Central

  • good academic standing

* Internships secured through a fee-based, internship placement service are not eligible.

The Center for Community Engagement & Social Research (CCESR) brings together the important work of community engagement (CE) and applied research. Our primary goal is to integrate teaching, research, and service through community engagement. Additionally, we want all students to engage in multiple experiential learning opportunities and for our community to work with us to address their most pressing needs.

If you are seeking an opportunity like this, click here to fill out an application form!

Note: Due to limited resources, the Center may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Student Internship Timeline

Application open and close in the following months. More details of deadline will be given near the end of current semester

  • Spring application - 12/01/2023 - 02/02/2024

  • Summer application - 03/22/2024 - 05/24/2024

  • Fall application - 07/26/2024 - 09/09/2024 

Contact Information

For any questions please contact F. Kamilah Hastings, at

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