Study Abroad Program

The Department of Communication has a solid reputation for offering some of the best courses abroad. Our faculty members have a wide range of international experience which they gladly share with students who take these courses. Students come back excited about their new focus on the wider world. Courses taught in the past have been conducted in France, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Cuba, New Zealand and in Southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia). These courses are generally taught during winter and summer sessions. The courses range from one week to three weeks and have focused on topics such as: cross-cultural communication, media, film, advertising, event planning, environmental communication, and health communication. Central is deeply committed to having as many students as possible include a course abroad experience in their studies. The Department of Communication plays an important role in helping achieve this commitment. We strongly encourage all of our students to take advantage of our course abroad offerings and help them search for grant opportunities to finance the experience, which, we are perfectly aware, will broaden their horizons and make them a better citizen of the world.

Current Study Abroad Programs 

Communication Department Study Abroad Trip to Italy 2022