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Chi Sigma Alpha Student Affairs Honors Society International is comprised of graduate students, alumni, faculty, and student affairs professionals to promote and recognize excellence in academics, research, and service to the profession of student affairs. The Alpha Delta Chapter was established at CCSU in the Fall of 2017. Chi Sigma Alpha, International has now expanded to include over 200 individuals and 25 chapters since its formation, with CCSU being the 25th chapter. 

Chi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Delta Officers:

President: Brian Ibarra
Brian Ibarra

Vice President: Shariel Rodriguez-Echevarria


Treasurer: Jaquan Nelson 



If there are any questions regarding Chi Sigma Alpha, please contact us at


Chi Sigma Alpha is represented by:

Chi Sigma Alpha Logo 


A three-pillared temple, as seen above, with the society’s Greek letters,
the motto below, and the Society’s three values of
academics, research, and service inscribed on the pillars.


Maroon and gold represent Chi Sigma Alpha.
Maroon honors the society’s Alpha Chapter at Virginia Tech.
Gold represents the Society’s commitment to excellence.


“Ut Provocem Et Adiuvem” – That I May Challenge and Support.


Spring 2018 Inductees

CSA Inductees 

 Executive Board for 2018-2019

CSA E-Board

Left to right: Andres Cintron (Vice President) and Danni Alarie (President)