Counselor Education and Family Therapy

The Department of Counselor Education and Family Therapy stands with the Central Office of Equity and Inclusion in their aim to cultivate a campus environment that is equitable, inclusive, and responsible to enable students, faculty, and staff to achieve their full potential.

The Department of Counselor Education & Family Therapy at Central Connecticut State University prepares students for professional careers in Clinical Professional Counseling (Clinical Mental Health, Clinical Rehabilitation, Addictions Recovery, Gerontology), School Counseling, Student Development in Higher Education, and Marriage & Family Therapy.

Our mission is to develop self-aware professionals and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to empower diverse individuals, families, and communities to achieve their well-being, relationship, education, and career goals. We are committed to developing engaged mindful learners, who promote emotional growth and social and emotional competence over their life span. We develop professional who value social justice and respect human dignity, and who have open and flexible minds.

Through coursework and clinical training, students have the opportunity to apply their skills in a field-based setting under close supervision. In addition, students in all counseling programs are encouraged in their ongoing efforts toward self-development, self-awareness, and scholarly achievement. They all share a common vision to become competent and caring professionals who adhere to the highest standards of their profession, promoting the dignity and welfare of their clients.

Admission to the department allows students to begin taking classes. Once accepted into the Graduate School each student is assigned an academic advisor, who serves as a guide while the student is in the program. We make sure that our programs are accessible to full and part time students by offering flexible advising hours as well as classes in the late afternoons and evenings.

Contact Information

Henry Barnard Hall, Room 225
Reginald Holt
Associate Professor, Department Chair, & Clinical Professional Counseling Program Coordinator
Counselor Education & Family Therapy
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Termination Hearing Committee
Henry Barnard Hall
Marian Rosario
Secretary II
Counselor Education & Family Therapy
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