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The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is a program of study requiring 128-136 credits of undergraduate work, including a two-term senior project capstone requirement completed through oral and written reports and a 400-hour internship. If desired, the candidate may also choose an appropriate sequence of elective courses for a concentration in Manufacturing or Aerospace.

Required coursework can be grouped in four categories: General Education, Major Requirements, Electives or Concentration Requirements, and Additional Requirements.


I. General Education

NOTE: Distribution requirements are similar to the existing Engineering Technology General Education requirements.

Study Area I: Arts and Humanities


  Philosophy or Fne Arts  

  Literature, Philosophy or Fine Arts (3)  

Study Area II: Social Sciences


  ECON or GEOG or HIST or PS or ET 399  

Study Area III: Behavioral Sciences

  Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology  

Skill Area III: Foreign Language Proficiency

Skill Area IV: University Requirement