Admission Requirements

For information about general CCSU admissions standards please visit Central Admissions. In addition to regular CCSU admissions standards, the undergraduate Mechanical and Civil Engineering programs have the following requirements:

First Year Students

Students must be ready to enroll in Calculus I (MATH 152). This requirement can be met by any of the following:

  • Earning both a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Mathematics score of 620 or higher and a grade of B or better in a two-semester high school pre-calculus or calculus course. Both the SAT of 620 and the high school course are required. Students can take the SAT test more than once,

  • Earning a score of 3 or better on the Calculus AB or Calculus BC Advancement Placement exam. (For AP score equivalency please visit AP Equivalencies),

  • Earning a sufficiently high score on CCSU's Mathematics Placement Exam. The exam is given by CCSU’s Learning Center. For more information call 860.832.1900, or visit the Learning Center - Placement Testing.

Transfer Students

Students must be ready to enroll in Calculus I (MATH 152). This requirement can be met by:

  • Any of the above requirements for first year students, OR
  • Credit transfer from an accredited two-year of four-year higher education institution of a Pre-Calculus course and a Trigonometry course with grades of C- or higher, or a combined Trigonometry/Pre-calculus course with a grade of C- or higher, or a Calculus course with a grade of C- or higher. (subject to equivalency evaluation of the courses). For additional transfer credit equivalency information see Transfer Equivalency Database.

Graduates of the "Engineering Science" program from Connecticut Community Colleges

CT Community College students who successfully complete the full "Engineering Science" program and earn their Associates Degree, will be automatically admitted to either the Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering program.

CT Community college students who have not completed the full "Engineering Science" program will be considered as regular transfer students, subject to the additional admissions requirements for transfer students explained above.

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