Five Year Accelerated B.S.- MIS & MBA Program

Students typically apply during their junior year of study and must meet the requirements specified below:

  • Have at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average.
  • Completed 60 earned credit hours by the end of the Fall semester of their junior year. At least 30 credits must have been earned at CCSU
  • Admission to School of Business MIS major.
  • Meet the MBA program admission criteria.

Eligible students can apply for admission to the Accelerated B.S.- MIS / MBA Program their junior year of study. Selected students will be able to complete a B.S. in MIS and MBA in five years on a full-time basis.

For students who are officially admitted to the Accelerated B.S.- MIS / MBA Program, two three (3)-credit graduate MIS ) courses will replace two three (3)-credit undergraduate MIS courses.

Students who are accepted into Accelerated B.S.- MIS / MBA Program will officially matriculate into the School of Graduate Studies the semester immediately following conferral of their Bachelor’s degree, even if they have already taken graduate-level courses while completing their Bachelor’s degree. Students wishing to defer their graduate studies must notify Graduate Admissions of this decision prior to the start of the term following the conferral of their bachelor’s degree.

How to Apply

Apply online to the School of Graduate Studies at Students will submit a current resume and one recommendation letter from a CCSU Finance professor by March 1st of their junior year. Instruction for submitting the recommendation letter and for uploading the resume will be found within the online Accelerated B.S.- MIS / MBA Program application. CCSU transcripts will be obtained automatically by the Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Office.

It is highly recommended to apply early for admission to this program to receive dedicated advising.