University Rules and Regulations Governing Computer Accounts and Equipment

All computer resources and facilities of Central Connecticut State University, should be used solely for legitimate and authorized academic, instructional, research. Administrative and public service purposes.

Any unauthorized or illegitimate use of computer accounts, resources, and or facilities will subject the violator(s) to disciplinary criminal and/or legal action by the University and/or the State. This includes physical abuse to equipment and to the rooms in which the equipment is placed.

Any person who has been authorized to use the computing resources shall be expected to regard all copyrighted personal or proprietary information which may thereby become available to him/her as confidential, unless he/she obtains from the appropriate individual written permission to copy, modify or otherwise use any part of.

Any user who deliberately or continually violates the policies governing the use of accounts and equipment will have his/her account and/or user privilege denied Such misuse may result in disciplinary and /or legal action. The severity of the violation will determine the type of action that the University and/or the State will take against the violator.

A user’s program and data should be treated as his/her private property. Users must therefore not attempt to access or make use of any other user’s programs or data without appropriate authorization (e,g. plagiarism).

Users shall not copy system files nor shall they attempt to access or modify such files or software components or computer management programs and data except for specifically approved purposes.

The Information Systems Department reserves the right to access user’s data and programs for appropriate management purposes, such as making backup copies and to ensure system integrity subject to the limitations of P.A. 84-206.

Computer accounts shall not be shared with unauthorized users. Such sharing will result in disciplinary measures as outlined in item 4.

Users must not attempt unauthorized modification or repair to any equipment belonging to, or under the control of, the University.

Computer resources shall not be used for non-academic work without the express written permission of the University. Users in doubt should contact the appropriate University Officer(s).

Game playing that is not part of any academic course work is considered to be a misuse of computer privileges and is subject to the disciplinary actions out lined in item 4.

The University and its authorized personnel reserve the right to set priorities of the use of University computer facilities.

Approved: Computer Facilities Committee, Approved October 11, 1990. Supercedes Policy approved February 7, 1985.