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Human Resources


Employee Assistance Program

The Lexington Group, Inc. 
1-800-676-HELP (4357)

CCSU’s Employee Assistance Program is provided to faculty and staff by The Lexington Group.

EAP counselors are available for employees and their family members for prompt, confidential assistance with stress, emotional difficulties, marital and family issues, alcohol and drug problems, or financial or legal concerns that may be affecting work performance. Use of the EAP is voluntary, and confidentiality is assured. Six (6) sessions of short-term counseling are provided free-of-charge.

When you call The Lexington Group, a licensed mental health professional will listen to your problem, ask a few questions, and you will be referred to an EAP counselor at a location convenient to you. You then make an appointment to meet with the EAP counselor at a convenient time. After discussing the nature of your problem, the EAP counselor wll recommend a course of action. If referral to an outside provider is recommended, your EAP counselor will direct you to the most appropriate resource available while taking into consideration your health care plan. The decision to accept the recommendation for counseling or treatment is entirely up to you. Most employee needs are met by the EAP and do not require referral.

We urge you to take advantage of this benefit. Please feel free to call the EAP 24 hours a day at 1-800-676-HELP (4357) to arrange for a confidential session with an EAP counselor. 

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