Restricted/Approved Purchases

List of Approved and Restricted Purchases

Purchasing Cards may only be used for official, state-related business. Purchases must follow appropriate state laws, CSU policy, CCSU policy and guidelines and must be made with reasonable judgment. If there is a question about the official purpose of a purchase or if the use of the Purchasing Card to make a purchase is questionable, contact the Purchasing Manager for clarification prior to making the purchase. Exemptions or questions regarding restricted purchases may be granted on a case-by-case basis upon the approval of

Note: Cardholders are to contact Facilities Management [22301] prior to purchasing any item that may require electrical, plumbing or structural work. Facilities Management will ensure that the item being ordered is appropriate and will advise if additional work will be required.

Contact Information Technology (IT) prior to purchasing any software or hardware to ensure that it is compatible with the CCSU system. Please remember to obtain prior approval of any computer related hardware purchases, including printers. The purchase should be reviewed by IT before actual purchase, especially if the equipment will be connected to the campus network. IT reserves the right to not support any hardware or connect it to the campus network if purchases are made without prior approval. For pricing, recommendations, and/or prior approval, please submit a request through and choose “Pricing/Approval Request.”

Cardholders are to contact Environmental Health & Safety regarding any chemical purchase/disposal guidelines.