Restricted/Approved Purchases

List of Approved and Restricted Purchases

Purchasing Cards may only be used for official, state-related business. Purchases must follow appropriate state laws, CSU policy, CCSU policy and guidelines and must be made with reasonable judgment. If there is a question about the official purpose of a purchase or if the use of the Purchasing Card to make a purchase is questionable, contact the Purchasing Manager for clarification prior to making the purchase. Exemptions or questions regarding restricted purchases may be granted on a case-by-case basis upon the approval of

Accommodation expenses (e.g., hotel, motel and other accommodation)     Travel Authorization (TA) must be approved beforehand
Advertisements     May need approval from Institutional Marketing and Communication
Air and rail tickets     Travel Authorization (TA) must be approved beforehand
Airfare reservations     Travel Authorization (TA) must be approved beforehand
Alcoholic beverages      
Any item exceeding $2,500;     Please reach out to for consideration of limit increase
Artwork [including pictures, frames, statues, posters (non CCSU Artwork)]     Exception: Executive Committee members, Residence Hall Council Activity Accounts, and Student Activity Accounts
Audio Visual or Photographic Equipment (except for Media Services, Publications or Student Education related activities)    
Bus Transportation-domestic travel only   Travel Authorization (TA) must be approved beforehand
Capital equipment or items funded with capital or bond funds. (e.g., photocopier, computer)    
Cash advances of any type (including traveler’s cheques)      
Clothing     Exception: Residence Hall Council Activity Accounts and Student Activity Accounts
Computers (including desktops, laptops, netbooks, iPads, tablets, anything Apple related, etc)    
Conference registration fees     Travel Authorization (TA) must be approved beforehand;
Controlled Goods/Substances (including hazardous and radioactive materials, chemicals)      
Dry Cleaning/Laundry services     Exception: Theatre, Residence Life, and Police Departments
Dues, professional membership[s] and subscription[s] - [business, technical, professional and institutional memberships and subscriptions only]     Exception: they must be for one year or less and purchased at the beginning of the fiscal year
Entertainment (theme parks, theatres, etc)     Exception: off-campus entertainment require travel approvals prior to processing the transaction.
Equipment over $1,000.00 (incl. computer hardware, CPUs, monitors, printers)    
Extended lease and rental agreements    
• Candy/snacks/food     Exception: for authorized university concessions, student activity funded programming, University sports teams, study abroad programs, and student sponsored off campus events
• Meals     Exception: Meals may only be purchased by Executive Committee members. Meal expenses are restricted to luncheon or dinner meetings held in connection with University business or with entertaining of guests visiting the University on official business. At the conclusion of the meal, the cardholder must obtain an itemized bill from the restaurant, which is to be attached to a Purchasing Card Documentation form
Fuel (including gasoline, diesel, propane, etc.)     Exception: for certain state vehicles and rental cars on authorized travel
Furniture and furnishings > $2500 (including tables, chairs, desks, lamps, etc.)    
Furniture of any type, unless on-line only or emergency purchases    
• Birthday cakes or items related to office celebration/parties      
• Gift cards     Exception: related to student programming and student activity funded promotions and programs
• Flowers or gifts for condolences, congratulations etc. involving employees or their relatives      
Greenery for office beautification     Exception: Executive Committee members, Residence Hall Council Activity Accounts, and Student Activity Accounts
Information Technology hardware and software (prior approval from IT&I Department required)    
iPads and other tablet devices    
Kitchen appliances (including coffee pots, microwave ovens, refrigerators (full and dorm size), toasters, etc.    
Kitchen appliances (including coffee pots, microwaves, heaters, refrigerators, toasters etc.) (except by Facilities Operations and Residence Life)    
Office Food Supply Items (including utensils, paper plates, cups, napkins, salt/pepper/sugar, coffee, tea etc.)     Exception: for student activity funded programming
Outdoor signage     Exception: Facilities Operations and Police Departments
Paint     Exception: Theatre Department and Facilities Operations Departments
Personal or Decorative items (i.e. knick-knacks)     Exception: Residence Hall Council Activity Accounts and Student Activity Accounts
Personal purchases      
Plants or shrubs (outdoor)     Exception: by Facilities Operations
Postage     Exception: non-metered mail up to $50.00 value
Precious metals     Exception: Residence Hall Council Activity Accounts and Student Activity Accounts;
Prescription drugs and controlled substances     Exception: Health Services and Athletics Departments
Printing services     Exception: after approval by University Publications
Professional License renewals     Exception: requires approval by budget authority and/or supervisor
Professional or Personal Services of any type    
Purchase items from a university employee or their immediate family (conflict of interest/ethics violation)      
Animal Feed and bedding, Live animals, Food     Exception: for classroom instruction/experiments only
Radioactive materials      
Software and computer supplies [for educational, administrative or research purposes only]      
Software licenses    
Special services (including independent contractors, performers, consultants, speakers)    
Sponsorship     Exception: Institutional Advancement
Sporting Goods     Exception: Athletics and Recreation Departments and student activity funded programming
Tobacco Products      

Note: Cardholders are to contact Facilities Management [22301] prior to purchasing any item that may require electrical, plumbing or structural work. Facilities Management will ensure that the item being ordered is appropriate and will advise if additional work will be required.

Contact Information Technology (IT) prior to purchasing any software or hardware to ensure that it is compatible with the CCSU system. Please remember to obtain prior approval of any computer related hardware purchases, including printers. The purchase should be reviewed by IT before actual purchase, especially if the equipment will be connected to the campus network. IT reserves the right to not support any hardware or connect it to the campus network if purchases are made without prior approval. For pricing, recommendations, and/or prior approval, please submit a request through and choose “Pricing/Approval Request.”

Cardholders are to contact Environmental Health & Safety regarding any chemical purchase/disposal guidelines.