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Purchasing Card

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It is the intention of the CCSU Purchasing Card Department to provide the best possible service to CCSU departments, and to abide by all the rules and regulations by which it is governed.

The Central Connecticut State University Purchasing Card Department is located in the Business Office in Davidson Hall, Room 221.

Parking is available in Manafort Lot (lot D on the campus map). Contact the CCSU Police Department at (860) 832-2375 to obtain a parking pass before using any lots on campus.  Directions to CCSU can be found on the CCSU Home Page. (Follow the link for Visitors.) 

Questions regarding the Purchasing Card program can be directed to:

Kyle Frant, kfrant@ccsu.edu, Purchasing Card Administrator and Accounts Payable Manager, at (860) 832-2509 to request/cancel a purchasing card, and to discuss the needs of your department for determining limitations on card. Accounts Payable Audit Team Coordinator at (860) 832-2509 to discuss and schedule an audit.

Charles Zsebik, charles.zsebik@ccsu.edu, Contract Compliance/Procurement Specialist, at (860) 832-0041 regarding the appropriateness of purchasing an item, and to receive information on a contract vendor and pricing.

Margaret Nowicki, margaret.nowicki@ccsu.edu, Travel Audit Team Coordinator, at (860) 832-2549 to discuss and schedule a travel audit.