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Personal Services Agreements

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The Personal Service Agreement (PSA) is used for the commitment of funds concerning all non-employment contracts for personal services that are not issued on a Purchase Order. Personal services include assistance performed by individuals, partnerships or corporations of a professional or technical nature. It is important to note that this section is not intended to define employer/employee relationships.

The process required to execute a PSA can be complex, and at times, cumbersome. Many variables can change the path of a PSA. as a result of these changing variables, the PSA may require additional reviews and approvals. Therefore, sufficient lead-time is a critical factor. 

Any department wishing to issue a Personal Service Agreements (PSA's) to an independent contractor must do so by first contacting the Rick Piotrowski in the Contracts Office.  PSA's require the approval of the Office of the Attorney General therefore the Contracts Office should be notified of the department's request 6 weeks in advance of the first date of service.  No service should take place until the contractor is notified that the contract has been signed and approved by all parties.  Contracts that are submitted near or after the start date will be revised to reflect a reasonable future start date and no services should be performed until the adjusted start date has been approved by all signatory parties.

PSA's equal to or in excess of $10,000 will need to go out to bid prior to a PSA being issued and significant additional lead time will be needed.

Any questions contact Rick Piotrowski contract compliance specialist at 2-2537.