Accounts Payable Staff

Fiscal Affairs & Business Services


Accounts Payable Staff



Julie deFalco

  • Supervise Accounts Payable staff and operations
  • Purchasing card program auditor
  • Review and approve requests for payments and reimbursements of the following items: Bond and DPW payments, direct payments, wire transfers, and transfer invoices
  • Ensure adherence to tax policies
  • Manage the implementation and maintenance of the AP electronic document management system, Web Now/Image Now




Assistant in Fiscal Affairs

  • All payments for the Facilities Department
  • Mail Distribution - incoming and outgoing
  • Utility payments


Darlene Goethie
Accounts Payable Coordinator

  • All payments for various departments as assigned
  • PSA Payments
  • WebNow coordinator and training
  • 1099 and B-Notice compliance and reporting
  • CHRO reporting
  • Receiving/FABMATC reports and resolutions
  • Foreign and Athletes and Entertainers tax compliance
  • Daily Brio report to determine payment accuracy
  • Check with order payments
  • Orders and maintains office supplies


Keqi Song

Assistant in Accounts Payable

  • Direct payment disbursements and reimbursements
  • Accounts payable document scanning
  • Athletics travel coordinator