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Accounts Payable Forms

Direct Deposit Form

Wire Transfer Form:

The department completes the Requestor information and the Payee should work with their bank to complete the Beneficiary information.

Once the wire transfer form is completed, please upload to our secure ShareFile site.

Vendor Invoice Template

Disbursement Form:

Used to initiate payments for the following: 

  • Personal Service Agreements
  • "In-house" vendor credit memos
  • Employee "advance payments" for non-travel expenses
  • Refunds to any individuals or company
  • Stipends
  • Fee Payments

Disbursement Form Guidelines:

  • All disbursements require a vendor invoice and any applicable backup, such as itemized receipts for reimbursements. 
  • Please offer this sample invoice for vendors in need of a template. 
  • The disbursement form must include:  The Total Amount, Start and End Dates of Service/Subscriptions, and the Description of the Service. 
  • Please ensure the Budget Authority signs for the charged index.
  • If a disbursement contains multiple payees, such as student stipends, please attach a list with the names, addresses, student CCSU ID#s, and respective dollar amounts. 
  • Please email the disbursements and accompanying invoices and backup to

ShareFile Upload of forms containing personally Identifiable Information (PII)

IRS Form W-9 Tax ID Verification

Payments to Foreign Vendors


Accounts Payable is using imaging software to aid in the managing of all invoice documents.  The software is called "WebNow". 

WebNow allows Accounts Payable to scan the image of an invoice "on-line" allowing Accounts Payable the ability to forward the image to the appropriate department for approval.  The department will be able to review, approve and forward the invoice back to Accounts Payable.

Tracking, retrieving and storing the image of invoice documents will have an immediate impact for all involved.  It will result in better efficiency in monitoring invoices and handling inquiries.   It will also improve physical storage space.  

In order to use WebNow, please click on the link below for completing a WebNow Department Setup Form and return the form to the Accounts Payable Department by mail or fax it to x22522.

You will be contacted to schedule an appointment for training.  Both the WebNow installation and instructions to maneuver in the site can be found in the links below.

If you have any questions please contact: x22506 x22511

Fax x 22522

ImageNow/WebNow Account Request Form