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Restricted/Approved Purchases

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Restricted Purchases:

• Any item exceeding $2500

• Alcoholic beverages

• Bus transportation-domestic travel only (purchase requisition must be completed)

• Cash advances of any type

• Clothing (except for Athletic uniform-type clothing used for identification, marketing and promotional items) (marketing and promotional items must not begiven to employees) *3

• Coffee machines or coffee makers *3

• Flowers for condolences, etc. *3

• Gifts/donations *3

• Insurance

• Microwaves *3

• Personal use items [i.e.; attaches’, folios, pen/pencil sets, etc.] *3

• Personal or decorative items [i.e. knick-knacks] *3

• Precious metals *3

• Prescription drugs and controlled substances with the exception of Health Services

• Radioactive materials

• Refrigerators (full size and dorm-size) *3

• Wall-to-wall carpet

• Water Coolers and accessories

• Meals *1, 3

• Artwork, frames or posters (non CCSU artwork) *2, 3

• Greenery for office beautification *2, 3, 6.

*1- Meals may only be purchases by Executive Committee members. Meal expenses are restricted to luncheon or dinner meetings held in connection with University business or with entertaining of guests visiting the University on official business. Cardholders are to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the University’s refreshment policy prior to using their card for this purpose. At the conclusion of the meal, the cardholder must obtain an itemized bill from the restaurant, which is to be attached to a Purchasing Card Documentation form.

*2 – Exceptions may be granted to Executive Committee members.

*3 –These restricted items do not pertain to Residence Hall Council Activity Accounts and Student Activity Accounts.  Caution: Prior to making a purchase from BJ’s, Costco, or Sam’s, please verify that sales tax will not be charged. Exemptions or questions regarding restricted purchases may be granted on a case-by-case basis upon the approval of the Purchasing Manager. The Purchasing Card represents the University’s trust in you and your empowerment as a responsible employee of the University to safeguard and protect our assets. As a cardholder, you assume the responsibility for the protection and proper use of the Purchasing Card.


Approved Purchases:

Item purchased must be $2500 or less.  Examples:

• Advertisements – [department responsible for tear sheet]

• Books and periodicals

• Conference registration fees

• Airfare reservations

• Dues and professional membership[s] - [business, technical, professional and institutional memberships only] The Policy on Institutional and Individual Memberships can be found on website:

• Cellular Phones with contract vendor only [approval must be obtained from Sarah Gross in the Telecommunications Department prior to making your purchase]

• Purchases for Classroom instruction/experiments only:  Animal feed and bedding, Live animals, Food

• Maintenance supplies

• Office, laboratory and educational supplies

• Printing services

• Repair parts and materials

• Software and computer supplies [for educational, administrative or research purposes]

• Subscriptions, one year only [department use only]


Cardholders are to contact Facilities Management [22301] prior to purchasing any item that may require electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting or structural work. Facilities Management will ensure that the item being ordered is appropriate and will advise if additional work will be required.

Cardholders are to contact Information Technology Services [21719] prior to purchasing any software or hardware to ensure that it is compatible with the CCSU system. Please remember to obtain prior approval of any computer related hardware purchases, including printers. The purchase should be reviewed by the Information Technology Services before actual purchase, especially if the equipment will be connected to the campus network. Information Technology Services reserves the right to not support any hardware or connect it to the campus network if purchases are made without prior approval. Please contact Amy Kullgren, for pricing, recommendations, and/or prior approval. This includes purchases made with a University P-Card. Cardholders are to contact Dom Forcella, Chemical Hygiene Officer [22499] regarding any chemical purchase/disposal guidelines.


Last Updated 04/03/2020