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Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Designation


Resources for Professors


The EJI-designation will not be satisfied by the addition of stand-alone lessons on “other cultures” or other forms of “difference.”  

Below are some suggestions and examples of how a course may incorporate issues and concerns of equity, social justice, and inclusion through course content, pedagogy, and climate.  A successful EJI course will incorporate aspects from all areas: content, pedagogy, and climate.  

(Note: The following list should also make clear the relevance of the EJI-designation for instructors and classes across the curriculum.) 

Powerpoint Presentations from Diversity Specialists

“Diversity in our Lives: An Introduction" (by Marisa Mealy. Ph.D.)
"What if They Call Me a Racist" (by Frances Kendall, Ph.D.)
"Understanding White Privilege" (by Frances Kendall, Ph.D.) 

General Diversity Resources

Understanding Prejudice (Website)

Implicit Associations Test (Harvard Site)
Disability/Diversity Resources
Lessons of flowering plants

Gender & Sexuality Resources

Beliefs Concerning Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals
Sexual Orientation
LGBT History Trivia
CWLA Article