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Criminology & Criminal Justice


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Vance Academic Center, Room 208
860.832.3014 (Fax)

Jessica Lloyd
RVAC, Room 208

Jennifer Hedlund, PhD 
RVAC, Room 208-600

Steven Block, PhD
Undergraduate Director
RVAC, Room 208-300

Eugena Givens, PhD
Internship Director
RVAC, Room 409

Reginald Simmons, PhD
Graduate Director
RVAC, Room 208-100


Criminology & Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers a B.A. in Criminology at the undergraduate level and an M.S. in Criminal Justice at the graduate level. Our 14 full-time faculty members possess terminal degrees and expertise in areas ranging across the discipline. Our programs welcome diversity, encourage creativity, and emphasize critical thinking.

Criminology majors in the undergraduate program complete a total of 39 credits within the department including introductory classes and upper-level electives. All undergraduate majors participate in a Field Studies course, which enables students to get real-world experience in internship positions. Graduates from our undergraduate program often obtain employment in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and with non-profit organizations within and beyond the state of Connecticut. Many graduates also continue their education to obtain advanced degrees. For non-majors, the department offers a minor (18 credits) in Criminal Justice.

The graduate program consists of 30 credits including a Master’s Thesis, which represents the creation of original research. Graduate students taking a full-time course load may complete the program within two years. The students in our graduate program are diverse. Some graduate students have recently completed their undergraduate education, while others have extensive work experience in the field.  

On this website you will find information about our students, faculty, and programs. If you have further questions about the department, please reach out to the appropriate person under Contact Information.


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