Public Safety High School Pipeline


The Criminology and Criminal Justice Department has created a pipeline with Connecticut vocational, technical, and public high schools offering special public safety and protective services curricula. The pipeline exposes prospective college students to the criminology major and public safety initiatives at Central. Moreover, our Criminal Justice Club engages in a mentorship program with these students to answer their questions and help prepare them for college life. The pipeline collaboration has opened the door for students at both stages to learn and grow in experiential settings. CJ club members enjoy access to Stop the Bleed® certification and practical opportunities (e.g., role-playing in active shooter and disaster response scenarios with State agencies)

High School students who successfully complete approved public safety tracts at their High Schools can receive college credit towards CRM110, Introduction to Criminal Justice in the Criminology major.

Current Partnerships

Vinal Technical High School

Criminal Justice and Protective Services
Students from Vinal Technical High School’s Criminal Justice and Protective Services Program receive mentorship from Central Criminal Justice Club students. The mentorship program involves an exchange where Central students engage in applied learning at Vinal Tech’s emergency operation center and practical lab. Vinal Tech students enjoy exposure to the college environment and the criminology major.

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Contact Information

Pipeline Coordinators

Julie Schnobrich-Davis, PhD
RVAC 405

Eric Dlugolenski, PhD
RVAC 208-07